Affiliated Since March 6th, 2023

I am a medical professional serving physically challenged community since 2001. I have my own Rehabilitation center in the Heart of Islamabad (Pakistan). I also worked as a Head of department of National institute of Rehabilitation and Medicines for good 13yrs. I am feeling myself blessed after getting Doula training from AMANI Birth. I’ll try my level best to spread the knowledge and create awareness about the natural childbirth process insha’Allah

Location: Islamabad Pakistan
Official AMANI Affiliate Number: pk277613
Email Address:
Phone Number: 923335283575
AMANI Birth Certification Status: Certified AMANI Doula
Teaching Couples or Mothers Only: Neither, I am a Doula Only.
Offering Private or Group Classes: Neither, I am a Doula Only.
Languages Served: English, Urdu, panjabi,pashto

Amber's Message to You

Congratulations! From pregnancy to being Mom is a beautiful journey. Allah has blessed women for this amazing job. So don’t be scared, just enjoy the whole journey. Trust in Allah (SWT), He is the most Merciful.