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AMANI Afiliasi Sejak 29 September 2021

Assalamualaikum I am Ivadhatul Risma, a housewife with a midwife education background. Everyday activities to educate every phase of a woman's life from adolescence, pre-marriage, pregnant women, maternity mothers, breastfeeding mothers and family planning. I am also active in family education activities and like children's growth and development, because I am a homeschooler. I am the only CBE and Doula AMANI in Kediri City. In addition, I am a gentle yoga prenatal facilitator and a mom and baby therapist. I have a community that has been running for 3 years, to share knowledge with my patients, I named it the Bloomtreatment Family.

Can contact me at number 082299300989 and find my house on google map with the keyword BLOOMTREATMENT and find me on instagram @ivadhatulrisma.

Lokasi: City of Kediri, East Java, Indonesia
Nomor Afiliasi AMANI Resmi: IN161150
Alamat Email: ivadhatulrisma.ir@gmail.com
Nomor telepon: 082299300989
Status Sertifikasi Kelahiran AMANI: Pengajar Bersertifikat dan Doula
Mengajar Pasangan atau Hanya Ibu: Pasangan atau Hanya Ibu
Menawarkan Kelas Privat atau Grup: Grup atau Pribadi
Bahasa yang Dilayani: Bahasa Indonesia

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Pregnancy is a time of miracles. must be prepared and lived with gratitude. meeting me to learn together to return to the nature of a woman to give birth to the best generation for ALLAH is the greatest blessing in life.