Affiliated Since September 8, 2021

My name is Irsa Hasanbegovic and I'm AMANI Birth Doula. I'm mother of six young children. The first two decades of my life, my big love was History. After starting to have my own kids, I discovered I have another big love for all things birth. I'm also interested in natural living, healthy food, homeschooling and homesteading. After having hospital and homebirths myself I feel confident helping Muslim sisters birth in different settings. It's my goal to be of help and assist sisters during their pregnancy, birth and postpartum and to be source of reassurance, comfort, support and a listening ear. Birth is something that stays with us throughout life and I want to be of those who, with the help of Allah, strive for beautiful birth memories to prevail in as many lives as possible.

Location: Makkah, Saudi Arabia
Official AMANI Affiliate Number: JD145504
Email Address:
Phone Number: +966567128607
AMANI Birth Certification Status: Certified AMANI Doula
Teaching Couples or Mothers Only: Neither, I am a Doula Only.
Offering Private or Group Classes: Neither, I am a Doula Only.
Languages Served: English and Bosnian

Irsa's Message to You

Assalamu alaikum and congratulations on your pregnancy! You being here is another step towards a better and fulfilling birth experience. Remaining of your pregnancy turn into days of increased 'ibadah and focused du'a. It's an honor to be part of your experience. I look forward working with you and helping you through this special time in your life. May Allah make your steps firm on the Straight Path and gift you with righteous children and beautiful life with them. Amin!