AMANI Afiliasi Sejak 5 Mei 2020

I always love pregnancy, childbirth, and babies. My first child was born via C-sec and my second child was VBAC. During that time I learned so many things, took many trainings and workshop, I practiced hard, I did everything I could do. I hope I can share my knowledge to every moms so they can have a beautiful birth just like I did.

Lokasi: Jakarta
Nomor Afiliasi AMANI Resmi: IN170550
Alamat Email:
Nomor telepon: +6281932862218
Status Sertifikasi Kelahiran AMANI: Pengajar Bersertifikat/Certified AMANI Teacher
Mengajar Pasangan atau Hanya Ibu: Pasangan atau Hanya Ibu/Couples or Mothers Only
Menawarkan Kelas Privat atau Grup: Grup atau Pribadi/Group or Private
Bahasa yang Dilayani: Bahasa Indonesia dan English

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Congratulations on your pregnancy! Be happy and prepare your motherhood journey.