AMANI Afiliasi Sejak 10 May 2020

Laura is a mother. She lives in Jakarta, Indonesia and Al-Khobar Dhahran, KSA. She experienced the biggest life transformation when I was pregnant and gave birth to her first son. She loves to empower moms regarding their right to birth naturally and instinctively. She loves to help families during the birth of their children and give them support mentally, physically and emotionally. She would be honored to help you.

Lokasi: Jakarta, Indonesia
Nomor Afiliasi AMANI Resmi: IN172950
Alamat Email:
Nomor telepon: WA +628119917703
Status Sertifikasi Kelahiran AMANI: Certified AMANI Teacher and Doula Pengajar Bersertifikat dan Doula
Mengajar Pasangan atau Hanya Ibu: Both Couples and Mothers Only/Pasangan atau Hanya Ibu
Menawarkan Kelas Privat atau Grup: Both Private and Group/Privat atau Grup
Bahasa yang Dilayani: Bahasa Indonesia dan English

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CONGRATULATIONS on your pregnancy and for taking the first step to educate yourself! You are very special for being here. The opportunity to be a mother is the most beautiful gift from God. I believe that every woman needs to empower herself, because they deserve natural, instinctive and joyful birth experiences.