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Assalaam o alikum. I am an Indian, mother of 3 kids, Ma Sha Allah Alhamdulillah. Basically I am from a Medical back ground. After my marriage I came to Madinah, the city of love and peace, alhamdulillah. I learned the beautiful Sunnah i.e Hijama from my husband and now I am a Hijama Specialist having an experience of 7yrs, Alhamdulillah. As an Ummah, I love doing Hijama and seeing the Ummah getting benefited from it, Ma Sha Allah and I came across AMANI Birth on social media and alhamdulillah completed my qualifications with AMANI.
I am currently a Hijama Specialist, Childbirth Educator & Birth Doula.
My main Aim for this is to Educate and Support the Ummah from unwanted Interventions at the time of pregnancy, labor & Birth. Because I myself have gone from all this and know how mothers suffer the pain the trauma etc etc.
If you are willing to have a healthy pregnancy, labor & Birth then get Childbirth Education classes and get a Birth Doula too, to help you educate the pros and cons of unwanted interventions and Educate you to make your own informed decision at the time of pregnancy, labor & Birth.
As Allah has design our bodies to birth naturally and do what it has been made for without any interventions (except in case of necessity).
May Allah makes the journey of pregnant mama's fruitful, healthy & bless them all with easiest and healthy birth.


Madinah Al Munawarah, Saudi Arabia


المدينة المنورة - المملكة العربية السعودية

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:رقم الانتساب


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Phone Number:

+966 532038691

:رقم الجوال

+966 532038691

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Certified AMANI Teacher & Doula

:حالة الانتساب

معلمة معتمدة من اماني للولادة الطبيعية و دولا معتمدة في اماني للولادة الطبيعية

Teaching Couples or Mothers Only:

Ladies Only and/or Couples

:تدريب الازواج او الامهات فقط

أقدم ورش للسيدات فقط و/ او الازواج

Offering Private or Group Classes:

Teaching couples, private and groups and douling in all  hospitals.

:تقديم الدروس الخاصة او المجموعات

التحضير للولادة للافراد والأزواج والمجموعات والمرافق كدولا بجميع المستشفيات

Languages Served:

English, Hindi and Urdu

:اللغة التي استخدمها

الانجليزي او الاردو او الهندي

Afreen 's Message to You

Assalaam o alikum
Ma Sha Allah Mabrook to mama's on your Pregnancy 😍
May you have a healthy and joyfully journey and May Allah bless you all with easy and healthy Birth Ameen ya Rab ❤️😊