AMANI Birth Affiliate Number: 556550

Training Workshop Location: Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Date of Training: 2016

Why did you choose to become an AMANI Doula/CBE?

I have an interest in educating pregnant ladies especially with my background as a women's health physiotherapist.  I always felt something was missing.  After my first birth experience, I realized that this wasn't what birth should feel or look like.  I used to look at c-sections as "just an option to give birth" but after my birth I realized that's not how it should be and I wanted to empower myself and other mothers to make informed choices.

How has AMANI affected your life?

AMANI has changed my life and the way I practice with my patients.

How does your work as an AMANI Doula/CBE fulfill you?

It's the thing I'll continue to do for the rest of my life . I add my knowledge and credentials as a women's health physiotherapist into my child birth education classes. It has made my work what it is today. It makes me feel accomplished every single day, I feel no words can describe it.  I change lives every single day cause of my work as an AMANI childbirth educator and doula.

What do you love the most about being an AMANI Doula/CBE?

Everything about it is unique, I love the way we empower other women. Now that I have a daughter I will be able to empower her as well. I love the fact that we are involved in the most sensitive moments of a woman's life and have a positive impact on it. It's amazing.

What is your birth philosophy?

Informed choices.

What challenges do you face doing this work and how do you overcome them?

People who are against what we do or who see our work as something that's not important . But we gotta do what we gotta do with the passion and knowledge that we have so we can keep spreading it to the community.

What have you been involved in as an AMANI Doula/CBE that touched your heart or confirmed why you do this work?

My own second birth experience, although it wasn't the birth that everyone expected. It was hard, long and with a result that wasn't “perfect” but I owned it; I did my best and my head is high. I took all the correct decisions toward my baby girl but I'm still healing. AMANI is the reason I am who I am today after my birth. That experience made me more insistent to continue this work and to keep putting my heart into it.

What are your hobbies or activities outside of your AMANI Doula/CBE work?

I paint (oil painting).  I love exercising and weight lifting and I am training to become a Zumba instructor.

Is there anything more you would like to say?

Thank you AMANI birth for changing lives every day. To all mothers and parents please invest in your birth because the world starts from the woman. If she's happy, the whole world will be.  You deserve to have a great birth that will positively affect you and your community forever.