AMANI Birth Affiliate Spotlight: Izyan Liyana Mustafa Kamal

AMANI Birth Affiliate Number: 213932

Training Location: Kuala Lumpur

Date of Training:  2013

AMANI Birth profile:


Why did you choose to become an AMANI doula/CBE?

At first I went to AMANI Birth training because I want to overcome my birth trauma, then as I went along I felt that I needed to share what I learned with other women who may have suffered from birth trauma as well, and help them create their own beautiful birth experience.

How has AMANI affected your life?

It has definitely given me more confidence in my instincts and changed the way I see myself as a woman and mother.

How does your work as an AMANI Doula/CBE fulfill you?

The more I help mums to understand their bodies and birth, the more I am amazed with Allah’s design and the more I trust the process.

What do you love the most about being an AMANI Doula/CBE?

When the mother texts me from inside the labour room not long after birth to tell me SHE DID IT!!

What is your birth philosophy?

Birthing is as natural as pooping. Why fear?

What challenges do you face doing this work and how do you overcome them?

Finding a supportive care provider is the biggest challenge of all. I usually encourage the mother to work with her husband to shop around, seek information, and manage her expectations accordingly. To be honest, Also, I don’t get much support in doing my work. People question why would women need birth classes when they can just walk into the hospital to birth and doctors and nurses will take care of the rest. But I firmly believe in what I do, and I have strong support from my husband and a tribe of like-minded ladies, Alhamdulillah so I keep on going.

What have you been involved in as an AMANI Doula/CBE that touched your heart or confirmed why you do this work?

I do a lot of birth trauma and VBAC support. Each time a mother got her healing birth, it made me fly to the sun with happiness ❤️

What are your hobbies or activities outside of your AMANI Doula/CBE work?

I share a lot about breastfeeding and attachment parenting, importance of VBAC and essential oils.

Is there anything more you would like to say?

I wish to see women be more in tune and in charge of their bodies and babies. Insha’Allah.


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