AMANI Birth Affiliate Number: 452050

Training Workshop Location: Riyadh

Date of Training: Riyadh, March 2016

Why did you choose to become an AMANI Doula/CBE?

Having a medical background, I believed I knew everything that I needed to know about pregnancy, labor and birth. When I was planning to conceive, a good friend introduced me to AMANI, and I read their book. I registered for the course thinking what harm would it do to listen to someone talk to us about the same. I wasn't even pregnant when I registered as I was a newly married woman. When I was taking the training workshop I was about 7 weeks pregnant and I had two other doctor friends of mine and it was mind boggling to sit in those 3 day live workshops. We were fighting against our knowledge that we acquired from med schools. It took my own birth for me to understand AMANI . As soon as I was out of postpartum days and blues, 3 months into motherhood, I had my calling for teaching. I took time to be a doula and waited for my little son to be a year old at least. Since then I haven't looked back to my medical career. I've been and still am a full time AMANI Advanced Childbirth Educator and Labor-Birth Doula. It has kept me on my toes and given me sleepless nights all the way but there is no other happiness I experience when I feel more connected to my deen and Allah than when I teach and doula. There is nothing that can be compared to empowering women during their most vulnerable moments in life. And I say it's not just the women we get to empower, it's also the men we coach and help to be involved and feel a part of this journey. I wouldn't know why anyone wouldn't choose to become an AMANI CBE/Doula .

How has AMANI affected you'r life?

AMANI has affected my life in so many positive ways that I'm not sure if this space would be enough to portray them. I always say my faith has been much more strengthened and my belief in HIS blessings and mercy has just come up to another level with AMANI. With each birth I attend and with each class I teach, I come out with this unexplainable feeling of worth and satisfaction, along with happy tears. When I see my parents and family look at me with that pride in their eyes- that's something any daughter/sister/wife would yearn for. Insha Allah one day my son will have the same look in his eyes for me. It's a life changing affect, it's a very thought provoking move to do the work we do.

How does your work as an AMANI Doula/CBE fulfill you?

In spite of having the education, I still had to face few ups and downs in my own birth and postpartum and with that I realized, it isn't enough if I just teach myself or coach my husband. I still need a support person to be for me through out, other than my husband and family. It was an easy career change and to actually see people benefit right in front of your eyes. With every birth I attend and come out of, I feel I gave birth with  sheer confidence. That high fist punch towards the sky- that's the experience. With coaching over 60 couples of mixed nationality and diversity and attending birth of over 65 mommas in Riyadh, the experience is impeccable. No matter what life has in for me with its ups and downs, a birth surely lightens up my mood even if i haven't slept for days.

What do you love the most about being an AMANI Doula/CBE?

Dawah- to spread the knowledge equally to all faiths on earth. It's a beautiful experience to sit and share what you know.  One of the best men on earth is a teacher, they say in Islam- the one who learns and the one who shares the knowledge. To be in that category is an honor. AMANI is the only Islamic childbirth education program and there is no denial in the rewards you get being an AMANI affiliate and spreading knowledge through deen principles.

What is your birth philosophy?

Assisting Mothers for Active Natural Instinctive Birth. That's exactly my philosophy too. Trust in Allah by tying your camel, preparing for an unmedicated natural instinctual birth, provided that you have the medical care present right beside if and when needed.

What challenges do you face doing this work and how do you overcome them?

Motherhood and work is a difficult balance. I have my family support here if and when needed. My husband is a great support when it comes to morning/day/night calls. There have been days where he had to sacrifice his work for mine. Being a full-time wife and mom to a toddler, house chores and cooking on time has been by far the most difficult and I'm still struggling with it. By having a very patient husband, Allahumma baarik lah, work, for me, has become easier. I have to work hard to balance both. Other challenges are , medical system , doctors, nurses, hospital policies that come in your way. I'm sure all childbirth workers face this in their career.

What have you been involved in as an AMANI Doula/CBE that touched your heart or confirmed why you do this work?

Every couple together working for their birth, every Labor, every Birth, every push, every single tear that flows down- what more does one need to be touched and confirm that I'm made to be in this field.      .

What are your hobbies or activities outside of your AMANI Doula/CBE work?

Counselling, writing/blogging, learning about positive parenting, henna designing, learning more for a holistic approach to womanhood and women's health.  I aspire to become a midwife one day- its a dream now.

Is there anything more you would like to say?

I love AMANI and love the work I do. I'm happy to be of help and to be of service to anyone who needs me to empower them. I would urge every man and woman to learn and educated yourself about pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum to make a healthy family. I urge every birth worker to see this as a passion and to put all your heart into it. Your mission and vision should be your passion to reach out. Rizq is written and it will only be yours. Smile and say Alhamdulillah even when you are hurt.

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