Affiliated Since May 7, 2014

I'm a strong believer that human rights begin at childbirth and that pregnancy and birth needs to be honored where mom is in the center of the decision making and she needs to be protected, supported and given informed choices. As a Kuwaiti and from the region, I advocate for better birth outcomes and help my community in raising awareness, changing the culture of negativity surrounding this blessed period. ... Water Birth, Spinning Babies and premature birth experience, worked at Corniche Hospital in UAE ... Strongly Connected to moms and the birth community and built trust over the years with Obstetricians, Midwives and Hospitals.

Location: The Algarve, Portugal
Official AMANI Affiliate Number: Q21632
Email Address:
Phone Number: +351 924 090 170
AMANI Birth Certification Status: Certified AMANI Doula
Teaching Couples or Mothers Only: N/A Doula Only
Offering Private or Group Classes: N/A Doula Only
Languages Served: Arabic & English

Baida's Message to You

Asalam alaikum, Congratulations on your pregnancy!