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Affiliated Since 31 October, 2022

My name is Dania and I love anything and everything about the birth world! I was first exposed to the birth world when my husband and I took our twelve-week Bradley Method Childbirth Class. We took it for my first pregnancy and it was such an eye-opener and I remember how much awe I would be in just going through the physiology of birth with our teacher. The class definitely prepared us well and helped teach my husband what it truly means to 'coach' during labor. A few years later I was given the opportunity to take the AMANI Childbirth Educator and Doula training. And I am so blessed I continued onto this journey. My love for science and love for babies and birth was all put into one whole subject. I also love the fact that through my journey and my birth experiences, I feel I am able to help women feel empowered about their bodies and the design that God has made. I had a whole different experience for each of my three births. I started with an unmedicated hospital birth for my first, onto a birthing center then transfer to the hospital with my second, and then a beautiful wholesome home birth for my third. I am so passionate about empowering women about their bodies and labor because I know the empowerment I received is what got me through all of it, with God's blessing and mercy. I also come from two different cultures, which I feel helps me be more understanding of the various backgrounds people come from. My Mother is Syrian-Argentinian and my Father is Pakistani and I grew up speaking three languages fluently. I now reside in Northern Virginia with my husband and three boys who keep me on my toes. And even they have learned quite a lot about what birth is and still ask me when I will bring another sibling for them so they can feel the baby move and see my uterus contract. I guess I am raising birth nerds from when they are young; and I write this with a smirk. Thank you for your time.

Location: Ashburn, VA USA
Official AMANI Affiliate Number: UCA 169850
Email Address: daniathedoula@gmail.com
Phone Number: 5712164966
AMANI Birth Certification Status: AMANI Certified Teacher and Doula
Teaching Couples or Mothers Only: I Teach Couples Only (no ladies only classes offered)
Offering Private or Group Classes: I teach Both (Private and Group Classes are both offered)
Languages Served: English, Arabic, Urdu

Dania's Message to You

Congratulations on your pregnancy! I believe each pregnancy is such a blessing in every way and as a mom of three boys myself, I know this journey of motherhood will be rewarding and come with its challenges at the same time. I applaud you for looking out for doula support or childbirth education classes. It is a great way to start this blessed journey as it will bring you closer to Allah, closer to your baby and closer to your spouse. I look forward to meeting you, if you think we will be the right fit. It is an honor and a privilege to be invited into your birthing space.