Affiliated Since August 9, 2019

Evana Cooper is a Labor and Postpartum Doula who works to help women have empowered births and postpartum experiences through education and care. Before starting EVANABIRTHS, Evana had her 4 children, the oldest of which is 13 and the youngest of which is 20 months. She started EvanaBirths because after her births, she realized the amount of knowledge and information about childbirth and postpartum that she was never taught. She wants to make a difference now to help other women to make educated and thoughtful birth decisions. She was a teacher in the USA and abroad for 6 years teaching English as a Second Language. She has lived in 5 different countries and now teaches parents AMANI Birth Childbirth Education Classes in addition to her doula services, to help guide them to make educated decisions when it comes to their care and the care of their unborn children. Evana’s other passions include reading and makeup artistry. You can find out more about her and her vision at

Location: Cherry Hill, NJ
Official AMANI Affiliate Number: U1976244
Email Address:
Phone Number: 8565201239
AMANI Birth Certification Status: Certified AMANI Teacher, Certified AMANI Doula
Teaching Couples or Mothers Only: I teach Both (Ladies Only and Couples Classes are both offered)
Offering Private or Group Classes: I teach Both (Private and Group Classes are both offered)
Languages Served: English and Arabic

Evana's Message to You

I can't wait to meet you and join your journey to having your little one!