The workshop is the first step. Afterwards (or you may do so before) you will be required to read two books on natural birth and one on breastfeeding (reading list will be provided upon registration) and answer short questions on our online learning management system about what you read. If you are already a certified CBE or Doula, then some these may be waived with proof of your certification. You’ll also be required to read the AMANI Birth book, available in English, Arabic or Indonesian on our website or also available in English on Amazon or Kindle, and in English and Arabic in all Jarir stores throughout Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, and Abu Dhabi. You'll be required to answer online questions as you read, as well as submit a short report of this book. [This may not be waived.] For CBE certification, you’ll teach your first set of classes (typically 10 weeks) with close online reflection submissions and feedback from us. For Doula certification, you’ll attend your first birth (or three labors if you cannot attend the actual birth for any reason) with close reflection online and feedback from us. Then, when you’re ready, you’ll take a four-part, online, open-book exam. Once passed there is a nominal annual certification fee ($50 USD) that becomes due to process your full affiliation and you will then be granted the privilege of carrying the AMANI initials after your name, advertising yourself as a certified AMANI Birth Teacher and/or Doula, permission for use of our materials, and will be given a listing on our website. We are honored for your interest and look forward to welcoming you to the AMANI Birth Family, insha’Allah (God willing).