We are happy to welcome any woman with a passion for birth so long as she respects the religious foundation of our work. It’s important to know that AMANI Birth is founded on Islamic teachings and presents birth as a natural act of trust and worship of our Creator. This perspective is opening birthing options for our sisters around the globe. For Muslim sisters, it’s the obvious choice in their birth journey. For those of other faiths, it is a guide to supporting the birthing women in their communities with a unique view into the Islamic culture of birth. Regardless of the faith of the teacher or student, AMANI Birth is a guide to preparing for the most natural and gentle start in life for your family. Birth is birth, regardless of religious conviction and we are here to support women. Of course, our materials reference Islamic teachings along with the biological and physiological aspects of birthing. In the end our goal is the best start in life for everyone and we have plenty of non Muslim teachers and parents who are enjoying the AMANI Birth program.