Once your an AMANI Birth certified affiliate, you will establish a profile page on our Find Teachers and Doulas page where you can present yourself to mothers who are browsing our site. Of course, word of mouth and client referrals are our biggest blessing! Beyond that, we have social media and the Internet at our disposal. We’ve found that blogging about natural birth has brought a lot of attention to our work and we have an active blog page on this website and welcome submissions by our affiliates. Be creative and make contacts in your local community. Tell EVERYONE you’re a Childbirth Teacher and/or Doula. Make flyers, brochures, and have business cards. As the AMANI brand becomes more established in your community, there will likely be clients looking for you, insha’Allah. Another great feature of the AMANI Birth is the Introduction section of our material. It is written such that it can be given as a free introductory class in your community. We encourage you to work with other AMANI Affiliates in your area and present these free sessions to raise awareness of your services. We have found that most everyone who attends an introductory session signs up for the full series of classes. We also encourage you to look into the birth statistics of your local community to get a grasp for the potential in your region. Additionally, consider the penetration of Muslim families in your community and compare what their options are for religiously based birthing material. With creative marketing efforts and a sincere heart to serve birthing women, we believe that you will have no problems finding clients in most any community, insha’Allah. Frankly, anywhere there are pregnant women, there is need for our services.