The general fee for training is varied based on your country of residence. The standard fee is $3,000. However, there are discounts for most countries, with a sliding scale based on each country's socio-economic standing (register today to confirm details about pricing in your country). We offer payment plans to make the fees more manageable (example: for the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and others, the fee is just $900 with the option for monthly payment plans at $150 per month for six months; for India, Pakistan, Egypt and others, the fee is just $450 with the option for monthly payment plans at $75 per month for six months). Once again, register today  to receive an email with the fee structure for your country of residence.

There are also early pay discounts offering up to an additional 25% when paying in full, so be sure to watch your email for early pay discount opportunities.

Remember, you are making an investment in yourself and your Ummah (community) and you should recoup your investment by teaching just one class, insha’Allah.

Additionally, once you are registered and confirmed, you will receive a student number. If you refer others to any of our workshops, ask them to enter your student number as a referral on their original application. We will credit you with 10% off of your fees per deposited referral, up to 50% off for five referrals (applicant's original application must include your AMANI Birth number for the referral discount to apply)!

If you have special financial needs, we are willing to discuss this with you further and may consider a partial trade for work if you have skills that may be of benefit to the organization. Our goal is to reach as many women in the community as possible. Remember, this is an investment in your professionalism and an income potential for you. Don’t let money be the determining factor. Obviously we need to be paid for our service to you, but we are willing to work with sisters who demonstrate passion and special financial need.