Childbirth Education and Doula Services and Training programs are not currently regulated in most countries in the world, so these trainings fall into what is called a self-certifying industry. Nevertheless, there are a number of research studies and years of experiential history of childbirth education and doula efforts which provide the requisite characteristics, knowledge, skills and tools which should be brought together to equip women to become effective Childbirth Educators and/or Doulas. The AMANI Birth program is designed to meet or exceed these self-imposed industry standards. Having said that, AMANI Birth has been granted CMEs (Continuing Medical Education Units) in some countries. It is also recognized by Midwives College of Utah as a fulfillment of their Doula training requirement and can be used to waive their Childbirth Education class if students wish to apply for the waiver. AMANI Birth is a registered provider of Doula and Health Education services in the United States. Our provider number is 1396255642 and the Taxonomy IDs used to request insurance reimbursement in the United States (for those companies that will pay for such services) are found on our About Us page.