How much do I charge for my services?

This is entirely up to you. However, we do recommend that you work with other AMANI Birth Affiliates in your region to establish some continuity and value for your services. At the same time, there is nothing wrong with offering your services as an occasional sadaqah (charity) to women who truly need it and do not have funds. This is obviously completely up to you and your family to decide.

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Where would I teach?

This is entirely up to you. One of the beauties of childbirth education is that you can make your own schedule and teach in the location most convenient for you. In many cases, that’s your own home with your own children milling about or nearby. For others a more formal location suits them well. Sometimes it boils down to community expectations and/or the logistics that are available to you. The bottom line is that it's your class, you decide where you want to offer it.

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Do I have to include men (husbands) in my classes?

Our program welcomes fathers and we believe it is in the couple’s best interest to attend classes together. However, no teacher is forced to include men in the classes. If you are not comfortable teaching men, you can opt to teach women only classes. Just realize this may limit your clientele. But there are some women whose husbands don’t want to attend anyway. So for every unique situation, there is a solution on the other side.

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Do I have to be Muslim?

We are happy to welcome any woman with a passion for birth so long as she respects the religious foundation of our work. It’s important to know that AMANI Birth is founded on Islamic teachings and presents birth as a natural act of trust and worship of our Creator. This perspective is opening birthing options for our sisters around the globe. For Muslim sisters, it’s the obvious choice in their birth journey. For those of other faiths, it is a guide to supporting the birthing women in their communities with a unique view into the Islamic culture of birth. Regardless [...]

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Why should I certify with AMANI Birth?

AMANI Birth seeks first and foremost to serve Allah (SWT). With that we truly care about the women of our communities and that starts with you, our affiliates. Our program is supportive to even the newest entrant into birth work and we will provide you everything you need to grow and develop in this rewarding field of work, insha’Allah. Our copyrighted materials for childbirth education classes are your guides to working with new parents and you’ll always have the backing of our experience in this field behind you. Together with our affiliates we are working hard to build a strong [...]

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How do I find clients?

Once your an AMANI Birth certified affiliate, you will establish a profile page on our Find Teachers and Doulas page where you can present yourself to mothers who are browsing our site. Of course, word of mouth and client referrals are our biggest blessing! Beyond that, we have social media and the Internet at our disposal. We’ve found that blogging about natural birth has brought a lot of attention to our work and we have an active blog page on this website and welcome submissions by our affiliates. Be creative and make contacts in your local community. Tell EVERYONE you’re [...]

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Will AMANI certification guarantee me a job?

Typically CBEs and Doulas are self-employed and work directly with the women of their community. Some may work in a clinic or hospital setting, but we usually try to avoid these situations, as it often leads to a conflict of interest where our true support should be of the mother, not of the protocols of the medical community. Nevertheless, doulas often interact with the medical community while serving at hospital births. We strive to provide the best support for our mothers without getting in the way of the medical team. Typically you will be allowed to attend births just as [...]

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What is a Doula?

In short, a Doula is a professional labor support person whose goal it is to ease the woman’s journey to motherhood, insha’Allah. She serves as a source of information as well as emotional and physical comfort. Doula’s are not midwives and do not deliver babies. For more details please visit our blog post, "What is a Doula?"

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What is a CBE?

The acronym “CBE” means Childbirth Educator.  AMANI CBEs are certified to teach expectant parents using the 118-page AMANI Birth curriculum.  Although each teacher is encouraged to bring her unique personality and creativity to her classes, all parents who register for AMANI classes should have the same core materials presented.

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