COVID UPDATE: Due to Covid 19, all of our workshops have moved online since March of 2020. We are continuing with online trainings in 2022. Online workshops have proven been a real blessing as there have opened up the opportunity for training from anywhere in the world and no one has to travel. The live sessions are five hours and are held once weekly for 7 consecutive weeks with homework in between. If you are interested in attending an upcoming session please register today for more details.

**********We will reassess in-person workshops as things evolve with the Pandemic.**********

Prior to Covid, our workshops were held in many different venues depending on the local community. This included mosques, hospitals, universities, boarding schools, preschools, clubhouses, community centers, hotels, and private homes. You will be notified close to the date of your workshop with the details of your workshop location, insha’Allah. Classes cover 21 hours of material and are typically held on a Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm. We ask participants to arrive 15 to 20 minutes early and plan to stay half hour late in case we run over (or like to visit).

You should dress comfortably enough to sit on the floor and do light exercises and bring a blanket or mat to sit on, along with two bed-sized pillows.

Some workshop locations provide snacks and lunches; others do not (depending on local sponsors). You will be notified of the situation of your location closer to the date, insha’Allah. If there is no food provided, we can opt as a group to do potluck or to share the cost of catering. Again this will be determined closer to the date. You should plan to bring your own food if you follow a special diet. [Please note, for classes scheduled in Ramadan there will be no food provided and “lunch breaks” will be shortened to just half an hour so we can end a little earlier, insha’Allah. If you are not fasting, you will definitely need to bring your own snacks/lunch/beverages.]

As for childcare, immobile nursing babies are always welcome. Older children are best left elsewhere so that you can focus on the workshop. However, if there is space and need, we can look into offering services by local childcare providers at an additional fee. If childcare is a necessity for you, please let us know so that we can determine if we are able to provide it for your class.