AMANI Birth seeks first and foremost to serve Allah (SWT). With that we truly care about the women of our communities and that starts with you, our affiliates. Our program is supportive to even the newest entrant into birth work and we will provide you everything you need to grow and develop in this rewarding field of work, insha’Allah. Our copyrighted materials for childbirth education classes are your guides to working with new parents and you’ll always have the backing of our experience in this field behind you. Together with our affiliates we are working hard to build a strong brand image in your community that will in turn support your efforts, insha’Allah. Our underlying values are of strong sisterhood. Affiliating with AMANI Birth truly is joining the AMANI Family. One huge advantage of the AMANI program is that it encompasses CBE and Doula certification into one training. You can certify as a CBE or a Doula or both for one fee. You can certify as one or the other and add the second later for no additional cost. As with all decisions, we encourage you to make istakhara (prayer to Allah to facilitate your decision and make it easy).