Typically CBEs and Doulas are self-employed and work directly with the women of their community. Some may work in a clinic or hospital setting, but we usually try to avoid these situations, as it often leads to a conflict of interest where our true support should be of the mother, not of the protocols of the medical community. Nevertheless, doulas often interact with the medical community while serving at hospital births. We strive to provide the best support for our mothers without getting in the way of the medical team. Typically you will be allowed to attend births just as any friend or family member may. However, it’s always the discretion of the hospital management or birth team as to how many people are allowed into the birth room. In any setting where birthing mothers are typically afforded their choice of birth companions, this isn’t usually much of a problem. Of course, most home birth and birth center midwives value the presence of a doula and are most welcoming.