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AMANI Affiliate Since March 3, 2020 (Online Facilitator Since 2022)

Assalamu alaikum warahmathullah and welcome! Fathima Mazmi is a Sri Lankan, who was born and lived all her life in Saudi Arabia. She completed her CIE advanced levels and then went on to complete her hifdh of the Qur'an. Soon after that, she found her better half and got married at the age of 20. She conceived right afterwards and that's when she realized that she really knew absolutely nothing about birth.

She started pursuing evidence-based knowledge on birth, and unfortunately hadn't done so sufficiently by the time of her birth. Her birth experience is her passion and drive today towards educating the families around er regarding their pregnancy and birth, and how this is actually a blessed, normal process for the majority of the families. She has gone on to certify with AMANI Birth and has additionally trained as a VBAC doula from the VBAC link.

Unfortunately, cultures like hers are hard-shelled and the "norm" isn't actually the norm. However, she will strive her very best to do as much as possible to get the word out there, because she truly and deeply believes that Allah's creation is divine and perfect!

She hopes and prays that the ummah will benefit from her knowledge, even if not today, tomorrow!!

Location: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Official AMANI Affiliate Number: JD111750
Email Address: fathimamazmi@gmail.com
Phone Number: +966 53 811 1719
AMANI Birth Certification Status: AMANI Doula in Training, Certified AMANI Teacher
Teaching Couples or Mothers Only: I teach Both (Ladies Only and Couples Classes are both offered)
Offering Private or Group Classes: I teach Both (Private and Group Classes are both offered)
Languages Served: English primarily. I can also speak Tamil

Fathimah's Message to You

Congratulations on your pregnancy!! I pray that you are blessed with a righteous and lovely child via an empowering and beautiful birth experience. We, at ABCD Services (Amani Based Childbirth and Doula Services) strive to provide you the ABCs of pregnancy and childbirth supported with evidence-based information, and look to support you with whatever decisions you and your husband choose to make, whether it be a natural birth, a medicated vaginal birth, or even a c-section. Remember, this is YOUR body, YOUR baby and YOUR birth! Nobody will live with your birth experience except you.

I pray that I'm given the strength to support you with whatever you're looking for and be a source of comfort during your pregnancy and birth.

Congratulations once again!