0002 CBE

Affiliated Since 19 April, 2023

Nusratul Bari Chowdhury is a passionate student with an interest in psychology, personal development, and women's health.

She was born and raised in Bangladesh and moved to the United States with her parents where she completed her high school education and started college in early childhood education. However, she went back to Bangladesh after she got married and settled there, so she had to pause her education.

Currently, Nusratul is pursuing a BSc in Islamic Psychology from the International Open University. She has taken several courses in parenting, personal development, psychology, and islamic psychology. She has a particular interest in women's health and hopes to study midwifery in the future. She believes that women's health is an important area that needs attention and support.

Nusratul is a proud mother of two and believes that her experiences as a parent have further strengthened her abilities as a student. She prioritizes the well-being of her family and children and helps them achieve their full potential.

Location: Jamaica, New York, USA and Sylhet, Bangladesh
Official AMANI Affiliate Number: OL215744
Email Address: cnusratul@gmail.com
Phone Number: +8801905560480 (Whatsapp)
AMANI Birth Certification Status: AMANI Certified Teacher and Doula
Teaching Couples or Mothers Only: I Teach Ladies Only (no couples classes offered)
Offering Private or Group Classes: I teach Both (Private and Group Classes are both offered)
Languages Served: Bangla, English

Nusratul Bari's Message to You

Assalamu'alaikum, Congratulations on your pregnancy! I would be honored to stand beside you and support you every step of the way, helping you to find the strength and confidence to achieve your dream birth, in shaa Allaah. Remember, you are strong, you are capable, and you are not alone. May Allah bless your pregnancy with abundant love, joy, and happiness for you and your growing family, aamin.

আসসালামু আলাইকুম, প্রথমেই আপনাকে জানাই অভিনন্দন কারণ আপনি খুব শীঘ্রই একজন মা হতে চলেছেন ইনশাআল্লাহ। আমি আপনার এই পুরো যাত্রাটিতে আপনার পাশে থেকে সহযোগিতা করে যাবো। আমি আমার সর্বোচ্চ চেষ্টা করবো আপনাকে সাহস, শক্তি ও আত্মবিশ্বাস যোগাতে, যাতে আপনার গর্ভধারন থেকে শুরু করে শিশু জন্মদান পর্যন্ত পুরোটা সময় আপনি দুশ্চিন্তামুক্ত থাকতে পারেন। আমি আপনাকে মনে করিয়ে দিতে চাই যে আপনি এই যাত্রায় একা নন, আপনি অবশ্যই সফলতার সাথে বাচ্চা জন্মদান করতে সক্ষম। মনে সাহস রাখবেন, কারণ আপনি একজন দৃঢ়চেতা নারী। আল্লাহ আপনার পুরো গর্ভধারণের সময়টা ভালোবাসা, খুশি, এবং বারাকা দিয়ে ভরিয়ে তুলুন, আমীন।