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Affiliated Since March 2, 2015 Ruzaana is a mother of three Gentle Birth babies and is passionate about spreading positive birth stories. Birth was one of her biggest fears but she challenged herself when she was pregnant with her eldest to prepare herself to the fullest extent possible. She did not believe safe, comfortable, gentle births were possible, but yet she had three herself. From believing that birth is a scary risky event, she now knows better. A mother who is loved, supported, educated and feels confident without fear can have wonderful [...]

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Training Program Overview

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Thank you for your interest in certifying as an AMANI Birth Childbirth Educator and/or Doula (What is a Doula?)!  We are pleased to welcome you to the AMANI family!  Take the fist step now... To read what others have said about their experiences with AMANI Birth, read our Teacher and Doula Training Workshop Testimonials. Your AMANI Birth training journey consists of 10 steps: 1. Complete and submit the application for training online. 2. Upon acceptance you will receive an email invitation to our learning management system. You will need to complete the Welcome assignment, which takes literally 1 minute to do and sets you [...]

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Testimonial Tuesdays

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A fabulously honest and fascinating testimonial for AMANI Birth Book expressed exclusively by AMANI Birth trainee Zahra Siddiqui: "The AMANI Birth Book is truly a treasure; a must read for every Muslim woman, expecting or not. It is an awakening towards our instincts, our bodies, and most importantly, an invitation to trust our Creator. The book is a brutal reminder that the "norm" does not always have to be the truth. This read was more of an unlearning than a learning, because the social "rights" and blind belief in the medical system has taken us farther and farther away from the [...]

Our Brains vs Science: How Information Gets Processed That Either Leads Or Misleads

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Let's face it. The dilemma a modern-day mother finds herself in is not fleeing from a hungry wolf to save her newborn baby, nor travelling at lengths to escape frosty winter months with her nomad tribe to find a new home that offers warmth and sustenance. It is one of the countless blessings that Allah swt has bestowed many of us with that we have safety and security of our livelihood and health. With that being said, as much as clean water and plentiful food supply accounts for the thriving of this generation, advancements in technology by leaps and bounds [...]


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Knowledge is Power...Get Yours Today! AMANI Birth Quick Guide for Fathers Read Online Immediately! BONUS Audio Reader Available See Sample Online Flipbook Below OR Order Your Paperback Version Today! Paperback Version Available on Amazon The AMANI Birth Quick Guide for Fathers will clear the mist and illuminate the path. In this book, you're going to discover a whole new perspective on the husband's role. Congratulations, you are going to be a father! Whether this is your first or fifth there [...]

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