Affiliated Since April 14, 2017

In addition to being an AMANI Childbirth Educator and Doula Rahida is also a certified AMANI Girls Facilitator, as well as a certified NBM VBAC Coach. ... her services include: ... 1.Pregnancy Classes.... 2. VBAC Coaching (Vaginal Birth after 1 or more cesarean). ... 3. DOULA services (Labor Support) ... 4. Newborn care ... 5. Breastfeeding Support ... 6. Mothers' Meet Support Group ... She has doula'ed mothers of various nationalities and languages.

Location: Al Khobar, Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia & Kerala, India
Official AMANI Affiliate Number: 656744
Email Address:
Phone Number: 0549782020
AMANI Birth Certification Status: Certified Advanced AMANI Teacher; Certified AMANI Doula; AMANI Girls Facilitator
Teaching Couples or Mothers Only: Couples or Mothers Only
Offering Private or Group Classes: Either Private or Group Sessions Available
Languages Served: English (can explain further in Hindi, Urdu and Malayalam) Basic Arabic

Rahida's Message to You

Asalam alaikum, Congratulations on your pregnancy! I am a mother of 3 girls and a boy. I'm passionate about helping mothers make informed decisions and achieve the birth they want.