AMANI Afiliasi Sejak 18 Mei 2020

I am a midwife who has working for 15 years. I work at the Health Center in Bandung and I open an independent midwife practice in Kiaracondong, Bandung. This AMANI Birth completes my quest for childbirth that I dream of being realized for all pregnant women and my patients. In this AMANI Birth we believe in the perfection of Allah's creation and seek natural, active and instinctive deliveries that Allah has ordained for a woman. I hope I can help you to achieve your beautiful and blessed childbirth.

Lokasi: Bandung, Indonesia
Nomor Afiliasi AMANI Resmi: IN177644
Alamat Email:
Nomor telepon: 081321466393
Status Sertifikasi Kelahiran AMANI: Pengajar Bersertifikat
Mengajar Pasangan atau Hanya Ibu: Pasangan atau Hanya Ibu
Menawarkan Kelas Privat atau Grup: Privat atau Grup
Bahasa yang Dilayani: Bahasa Indonesia dan Sundanish

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When you are given the gift of pregnancy by Allah, then it is also the responsibility of you and your husband as parents to prepare for a blessed start in life. Trust only in Allah, you ask for help and continue to increase your knowledge and prepare yourself for a beautiful and blessed childbirth