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Affiliated Since 22 September, 2020

Sa'diyya is a homeschooling mom to half a dozen girls and a baby boy ...MashaAllah. She's also a Hijama Practitioner and Quran hifz teacher. Jeddah has been her home for 37 years now. She's always been passionate about everything related to childbirth. Her keen interests include pregnancy, nutrition, postpartum care--including traditional hot oil massages and bath, belly binding, and special traditional after-birth foods. Her journey of seven pregnancies and breastfeeding of 20 years now, along with the training as an AMANI Childbirth Educator and Doula has made her all the more passionate and excited to serve expecting mothers during pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

Location: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Kerala, India
Official AMANI Affiliate Number: JD159950
Email Address: sadiyyasajid@amanibirth.com
Phone Number: +966530051539
AMANI Birth Certification Status: Certified AMANI Doula, Certified AMANI Teacher
Teaching Couples or Mothers Only: I teach Both (Ladies Only and Couples Classes are both offered)
Offering Private or Group Classes: I teach Both (Private and Group Classes are both offered)
Languages Served: English

Sa'diyya's Message to You

Assalamualaikum ❤ Mabrook on your pregnancy! May Almighty grant you an easy pregnancy, natural empowering birth and bless you with an offspring that will be the coolness of your eyes. ❤