Affiliated Since January 10, 2019

Zahra is an Indian national currently residing in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. She has a Bachelor of Information Technology, is a certified AMANI Birth Childbirth Educator, certified AMANI Birth Doula and AMANI Girls Facilitator. She’s also a Natural Birthing Method certified VBAC Practitioner Coach and is currently DONA International Doula in training. She has also volunteered in Almana General Hospital, al Khobar from December 2018 until April 2019 to establish their in-house Natural Childbirth Department and has coached over 1000+ expecting couples as a part of their team. She has keen interest in birth art and loves blogging. You can get in touch with her via or

As an AMANI Birth affiliate she offers AMANI Birth classes and Doula services both in Hyderabad, India and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. She prefers to offer 1:1 couple coaching. Besides AMANI Birth she also offers VBAC coaching sessions for expecting couples trying for VBACs.

Zahra believes that birth is a transfer of control, when if it is given to the woman who is to birth it will most likely leave her empowered and in control of herself and the events surrounding her for the rest of her life!

Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Official AMANI Affiliate Number: KH107350
Email Address:
Phone Number: +966509073853
AMANI Birth Certification Status: Certified AMANI Teacher & Doula
Teaching Couples or Mothers Only: Couple and Women Only Classes Available
Offering Private or Group Classes: Either Private or Group Sessions Available
Languages Served: English, Urdu and Hindi.

Zahra's Message to You

Assalaamu'alaykum, Congratulations on your pregnancy! I'm already glad to see you here reading this. I hope and pray that you are doing good and I wholeheartedly wish that you achieve your dream birth experience and also give birth to a beautiful, confident and empowered mother within you while you hold your baby. I would feel honored to be part of this journey of yours if you allow me to do so. As your Childbirth Educator I would give you all what you'd need to experience the birthing of this new mother in you while you birth your baby. As your Birth Doula I would be there with you in your contractions when this time halts for us and I would be with you,  for you parallely in your world while the other busy world goes about its business. In order to find out more about my services please, dial, SMS or WhatsApp me on the given number and I'll get connected. I would be excited to witness you having your AMANI baby. In Insha'Allah. Have a blessed start in life!