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Affiliated Since March 19, 2022

Zainab is the mother of 3. She has a passion for natural birth and strongly believes that Allah has designed our bodies in a way to carry and birth our babies. Women have been birthing naturally for thousand of years without any intervention, even at home, and we are no different than them.


Makkah, Saudi Arabia

:مكة المكرمة - المملكة العربية السعودية
Official AMANI Affiliate Number:


:رقم الانتساب


Email Address:




Phone Number:


:رقم الجوال


AMANI Birth Certification Status:

Certified AMANI Teacher & Doula

:حالة الانتساب

معلمة معتمدة من اماني للولادة الطبيعية


Teaching Couples or Mothers Only:

Ladies Only

:تدريب الازواج او الامهات فقط

التحضير للولادة للافراد والمجموعات

Offering Private or Group Classes:

Teaching private and groups

:تقديم الدروس الخاصة او المجموعات

التحضير للولادة للافراد والأزواج والمجموعات

Languages Served:

English and Urdu

:اللغة التي استخدمها

بالانجليزي و الاردو

Zainab's Message to You

Congratulations on your pregnancy. Get ready for the most amazing journey of your life. Be prepared and be well informed for the birth of your baby because it will remain with you for a lifetime.