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Quick Guide for Fathers

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Let me give you some advice...

The journey to fatherhood is challenging, confusing, and maybe even scary. Approaching fatherhood is a bit like approaching an unfamiliar bridge, you may be lost, wondering how did I get here, what's on the other side? It may seem as if you are driving through the fog.

The AMANI Birth Quick Guide for Fathers will clear the mist and illuminate the path.

In this book, you're going to discover a whole new perspective on the husband's role.

Congratulations, you are going to be a father! Whether this is your first or fifth there is a lot to learn. This eye-opening "Quick Guide for Father's" will give you the overview you need to support your wife through pregnancy, labor, birth, and new parenthood.

In these pages you will find evidence-based practices and reminders that will give you the tools you need for "Assisting Mothers for Active, Natural, Instinctive Birth." This information-packed "Father's Guide" compliments the 30-chapter original book, "Assisting Mothers for Active, Natural, Instinctive Birth." It is designed to give dads a quick overview in a direct and to-the-point manner.

Like the original, this book also has 30-chapters; however, each chapter is just one page for quick and easy reading.

There are also six bonus topics of one page each that are of great significance:

1) The Cut Down There;

2) Tips to Avoid Tears;

3) Protecting Baby’s Rights

4) Importance of Breastfeeding;

5) Relaxation Position;

6) Nothing by Mouth and IVs in Labor

The book closes out with some final thoughts and a birth preparation story by our cover-dad, Mohammed Patel. Mohammed details his journey from disengagement in the childbearing journey, to educated, prepared, and super involved support of his wife and baby. He reveals how he was reluctant to attend birth classes, let alone the labor room, and how AMANI Birth changed his perspective and his life. Like other dads, Mohammed's marriage is stronger and his role as a father has been greatly enhanced. You may even want to take a turn to page 49 and read his story first! Open the book, open your eyes, and be inspired. Knowledge is power!

AMANI Birth Book

Discover birth as a worship and trust in Allah’s perfect design of our bodies to carry, birth, and feed our babies. Explore the nuances that allow women to birth their babies without drugs or medical interferences. Learn how to prepare during pregnancy and work with your body during labor for the gentlest natural birth experience. Provide a virtual tool box for your husband or other person to give them the information and resources to support you during this special time. Your marriage will be strengthened through deeper understanding and trust. Suitable for expectant parents, doulas, midwives, nurses, obstetricians, childbirth educators, and anyone else who supports women during pregnancy and birth.

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Every household should have a copy of this book. I truly enjoyed reading it from cover to cover and plan to pass it on to my children to read insha'Allah. I loved the way the book is broken into small easily digestible sections, but at the same time it is extremely informative. I would recommend  the book to all expecting mothers, as it lays some very good foundation into her pregnancy, labor and delivery. I don't think that the book is only for Muslims but I definitely feel like all Muslims should read it. I also think its helpful for anyone interested in reading about cultural norms of Muslims when it comes to childbearing; likewise any expectant mother with any religious views, or at the least, a non judgmental view on childbirth. The way the Quran and Hadith are beautifully referenced makes it truly an amazing book.

Chaiya Brown, Mother of 17
English Paperback version also available on Amazon.
كتاب اماني للولادة الطبيعية باللغة العربية

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The Ultimate Islamic Birth Preparation CD

Created by Nature's Way and AMANI Birth, this 32 page booklet and included CD acknowledges birth as a natural process and worship of Allah (SWT). We have included special information for the husband, empowering advice for the potential VBAC mother, and stress the importance of relaxation and power of Du'a (prayer). The tracks are in English with repeated du'as and dhikrs (prayers and supplications) in Arabic to follow along. A list of tracks are listed below.

1. Intro (2:08)

2. Surat Al-Fatiha (0:42) (Recitation by Sheikh Saad Al-Ghamdi)

3. Surat Maryam (19:29) (Recitation by Sheikh Saad Al-Ghamdi) English introduction followed by the recitation of Surat Maryam

4. Ayat Al-Kursi (0:56) (Recitation by Sheikh Saad Al-Ghamdi)

5. Surat Al-Nas, Al-Falaq, Al-Ikhlas (3:42) (Recitation by Sheikh Saad Al-Ghamdi) Repeated 3 times each as per the Sunnah (examples from the life of the Prophet SAWS)

6. Positive Affirmations & Dua (6:03)

7. Dhikr (Remembrance of Allah) (4:15) SubhanAllah, Alhamdulelah, Allahu Akbar repeated 33 times each in Arabic as per the sunnah (examples from the life of the Prophet SAWS) and La ilaha illallah repeated 1 time in Arabic

8. AstaghfirAllah (I seek Allah’s forgiveness) (0:53) English introduction and then repeated 10 times in Arabic

9. The Shahada (Testimony) (1:29) English introduction and then repeated 10 times in Arabic

10. Supplication 1 (1:02) English introduction and then repeated 10 times in Arabic

11. Supplications (1:16) English introduction and then repeated 10 times in Arabic

12. Supplications (0:46) English introduction and then repeated 10 times in Arabic

13. Supplications (0:41) English introduction and then repeated 1 time in Arabic

14. Supplications (2:08) English introduction and then repeated 10 times in Arabic

15. Athan (Call to Prayer) (4:06) (Recitation by Sheikh Ibrahim Al-Arkani)

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Refocus, Positive Parenting Concepts

Many families struggle with parenting. It may seem like the children run the household and the parents chase after them, reacting to their children's behaviors, desperately trying to get the kids to listen.

In this quick booklet, parents will explore tangible strategies to regain control of the household. Stragegies to end the battle of the wills. Strategies to motivate children to behave and contribute to the family.

You will discover how to set up a family culture of positive parenting right from birth...or to restructure a dysfunctional family culture with older children and teens. It's never too early or too late!

Even if your family is functioning reasonably well, there will be ideas and tips you can implement with your own children. It's quick, it's practical, and it's founded in Islam.

Written by Aisha Al Hajjar
Founder of AMANI Birth
Mother of Eight
Former Foster Parent.

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Secrets from the Labor Room

Labor has become a mystery in modern times. New mothers hear horror stories of pain and procedures from behind ominous double doors that leave childbirth looking like an ugly cloud looming in their future. The truth is, birth doesn’t have to be this way. In fact, Allah (SWT) has built our bodies for this event, as we were created to birth our babies.

In this quick booklet, Aisha uncovers several Secrets from the Labor Room that minimize fear and empower mothers to make informed decisions about their choices. These simple truths become tips of evidence-based practices that make childbirth a gentle and safe event, bidnillah (God willing).

Written by Aisha Al Hajjar
Founder of AMANI Birth

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