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AMANI Dads are the Best!

AMANI Birth believes that in most cases, fathers make the best birth companions, as the husband is the person the mother is most likely comfortable with during her most vulnerable moments. However, if you or your wife feel it's best that you are not in the birth room, that's okay too--but even in this case she needs your support during her pregnancy and after and you should plan to be nearby during the labor and birth.

We feel that it is the father's right and responsibility to the same information and education as mothers. In fact, fathers are the ones that will be left to make decisions if complications arise that leave the mother unable to consent or refuse care for herself. You need to be educated in order to make informed decisions on behalf of your wife and baby.

"Men are the protectors and maintainers of women..." [Qur'an 4:34]

Get educated, support your wife, help her plan for a blessed start in life, she's depending on you and so is your baby.

Being a father is more than planting the seed and you should be prepared to stand by your wife through it, to whatever extent she needs. At the very least, lovingly supporting her as she prepares for her birth, and perhaps holding her hand through her delivery and advocating for her choices in the birth environment, if that is what she needs.

Mohammed Al Hajjar, AMANI Birth Founder
The concept of AMANI birth is something I got inspired just in the 15 minutes of the intro class. The reason was simple, when you are going to bring a new life to this world -- wouldn't you want to introduce it in the best possible manner? This is the core feeling that not only helped me bond with my son at a more deeper level, but also helped me understand the process of childbirth better. Today I not only recommend AMANI Birth classes to expecting mothers and fathers but I truly believe that knowing these details is a right of every individual.
Mohammed Yaseen Ali, AMANI Birth Dad

Baby number eight…Baba’s birth story!

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This time I was really excited about the upcoming birth of my baby. My Saudi husband had really taken the time to study about pregnancy and birth and was ready to support me in my long-time dream of having a home birth! We worked hard together during this pregnancy and became teachers of  natural childbirth classes. I witnessed a transformation [...]

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