I’m thankful for the AMANI birth program because I felt fully prepared for serving as a doula during birth. Educating myself and then educating the mother made things flow so easy and I not once felt like I didn’t know what I was doing. Al’hamdulillah. May Allah allow my efforts to be of benefit for me and the mothers I serve Ameen.

Briana Wallace (Participant #EG278144), Online Workshop from Egypt August 6, 2022

The workshop was extensive and theory based. Sister Aisha conducted all the sessions. MashaAllah enjoyed learning about the unknown of  pregnancy, labor and birth in such details. I am so glad I chose AMANI Birth workshop to be my gateway as a Doula and ChildBirth Educator. JazakaAllah sister Aisha for paving the way for us!

Maliha Ansari (Participant #UTX248750), Online Workshop from USA October 3, 2021

This workshop was one of the most beneficial and valuable workshops I've attended.  It truly changed my perception of birth and the modern medicalized birth culture.  I understood so much about my own personal birth experiences and it was truly overwhelming.  Each day I learned something new and profound that solved the mystery of "how did I end up with three C-sections?"  This question used to haunt me and it was also the reason why I signed up for this workshop.  I would recommend every woman take it, and if you've got daughters, gift this workshop to them.  AMANI provides truly life changing education with supporting evidence from Quran and Sunnah. [She went on to have a VBA3C -- Vaginal Birth After 3 Cesareans. See her testimonial, "This (AMANI Birth) Changed My Life"]

Asra Ahmed (Participant #UTX199750), Dallas, Texas Workshop January 17, 2020

All of the sessions were beyond amazing and life changing for me. It has made me more confident and changed my whole perspective towards birth. Ayesha is an amazing personality and the enthusiasm that she possesses towards the cause of natural birth is really inspirational. Joining AMANI Birth is one of the best decisions that I ever took. I haven't learnt so much in the past years as much as I did during these workshops. All of the sessions are packed with beneficial knowledge that brings you closer to Allah, and I think that is the forte of this course.

Ayesha Begum (Participant #ID260350), Online Workshop from India April 28, 2020

I took this training before planning to get pregnant, and it was the BEST thing I could have done for my baby. I got pregnant a few months later and had all the knowledge possible to make educated decisions through out my pregnancy as well as my birth, thanks to the AMANI training I was able to be empowered and knew exactly what I was talking about when it came to any medical interventions and decisions. I had the exact birth that I had planned for, thankfully because of AMANI's training. Without it I would have been uninformed and just submitted to whatever I was told. Thankfully I was empowered and aware and stood my ground when anyone tried to pressure me for any intervention that was NOT necessary. The workshop experience was great, it was interactive, it was knowledgable, and it was collaborative. I wouldn't have changed anything about it.

Lama Ghannam (Participant #KW134950), Kuwait Workshop August 29, 2018

I thought the workshop was really informative and inspiring.  I really appreciated how relaxed the space was and how comfortable Aisha made me feel.  I also loved that we had such a small group and had so much time to share and ask questions.

Lulua Al-Osaimi (Participant #485950), Riyadh Workshop May 9, 2017

The workshop was very interactive and filled with tons of knowledge. I really loved all the three days and the hospitality and friendly nature of Mrs. and Mr. Hajjar only made it more memorable.

Mohammed Yaseen Ali (Participant #RY150444), Riyadh Workshop Oct 25, 2018

Sister Aisha Al Hajjar is an excellent teacher. I was very nervous to attend the workshops before attending... But this workshop was worth every minute of the time spent.

I have been interested in becoming a doula for many years, but could not find a workshop that would work for me. And then I met Sister Aisha and could sense that I could learn from her comfortably.

This workshop was well planned, well organized and lots of fun for all involved. There will be opportunities, insha'Allah, for myself and fellow trainees to establish ongoing working relationships.

Sister Aisha did an amazing job of incorporating Islam into this class in ways that I don't feel I could have experienced in any similar classes based on my past research when looking for such a class.

May Allah (SWT) shower His blessing on her and her family for the sacrifices they make collectively to help make this workshop possible worldwide (Ameen).

I am looking forward to finalizing my Certification process in order to become an AMANI affiliate.

Yasmin Abdullah (Participant #UDE114450), Wilmington Workshop February 18, 2018

The workshop was a top-class informative classes.

Really motivated to come out and help all of the mommies here in Riyadh and back in India. Very well explained with time taken to answer all of our questions. Had a wonderful time and looking forward to learn more and finish my requirements and start up the real Childbirth Educator and Doula work at full stretch insha'Allah.

Luthfa Khalid (Participant #452050), Riyadh Workshop Mar 12, 2016

Alhamdulillah. I have gained a lot of knowledge from the workshop and it has further fortified my iman [faith]. I am inspired by both Sister Aisha and her hubby, Brother Mohammed, in their passion towards their vision of providing informed choices to Muslim couples and their families about the birthing journey. May Allah shower His choicest blessings to them for their efforts. InsyaAllah.

Kamsari Saini (Participant #SI58050), Singapore Workshop August 27, 2016

It was an inspiring, educating, thrilling experience.

Nour Zaza (Participant #K68250), Kuwait Workshop January 5, 2017

I loved the workshop a lot; specially since it was my first one-on-one exposure to someone so involved in natural birthing after finishing medical school where we are taught how to "manage" everything.

Definitely enjoyed the various activities and was astonished at the different evidence based facts which the medical world loves to ignore.

I also was thrilled at the thought of 'laid back' attitude that a doctor should be having since it was a little difficult for me to accept as well as imagine how any of the doctors I encountered would be even able to do it or not.

In the end I enjoyed Aisha's teaching and my co students. Hoping to be much more active in this insha'Allah.

Dr. Maryam Laheji (Participant #452744), Riyadh Workshop March 12, 2016

I loved the workshop! It was full of information and although I already knew a lot there was still more to learn. I came home full of impressions, was overwhelmed by the great spirit of the group and full of enthusiasm. Already in my dreams I'm thinking of how I could transport the AMANI Childbirth Classes to Switzerland and make it available to our Muslim Community!

I thought it was great workshop and I'm proud to soon be a certified member of the AMANI Family!

It was also great to meet some of the certified AMANI sisters to exchange ideas and know about their experiences.

Thanks for offering the workshop!

Barbara Krattinger (Participant #JD108950), Jeddah Workshop October 12, 2018

Very nice and friendly environment, conducive to learning. Aisha's style of speaking makes it all the more enjoyable.

Sohaib Ali (Participant #RY126350), Riyadh Workshop July 5, 2018

Alhamdulillah it was a very unique experience to be seated with women of different backgrounds, races and ethnicities, sharing the same goal, of being a Childbirth Educator and educating moms on natural birth and positive birth experiences.

Also as a medical professional I had a lot to "unlearn" what we were previously taught in medical school. It gave me a new perspective on birth and I'm determined to take this not only to all new moms who desire for natural birth but also to the obstetricians who are willing to listen and perhaps bring about a change in the current process.

Dr. Mubashira Mohamed Ajmal (Participant #UAE112744), Dubai Workshop April 13, 2018

It was amazing and we learned a lot of information about the natural birth.

Nurse Zainab Al-Sandal (Participant #KH131550), Al Ahsa Workshop August 24, 2018

I loved the workshop, I feel like it took all the info I already knew since researching and reading about birth after the birth of my first and filled in the gaps for me and gave me many new valuable pieces of info to use! May Allah bless the AMANI family because I see what a difference there is in the Saudi birth culture now compared to when my first was born in 2009. Improving by leaps and bounds masha'Allah. May it continue to get better by the grace of Allah.

Sarah Abugosh (Participant #48902), Riyadh Workshop March 31, 2018

It was a power packed weekend with a huge amount of information. I've read a lot of books on Natural Birth and also taking the Lamaze® Certification Course. When I sat in for the AMANI Workshop, I thought I already knew quite a lot about natural birth. But each day of the workshop was so informative for me, learning new things throughout the day. The most informative part for me was the Cascade of Interventions, how many hospital "routines" leads to further problems and require interventions. Although we have always known to eat a well balanced diet in pregnancy, but the importance of not eating healthy was manifested well during this workshop.

And the best part about AMANI that no other course can match is the Quran perspective of childbirth taken into consideration. I love how each chapter quotes an Ayah or a Hadith.

All in all it was an amazing experience and I'm super excited to be among and represent the AMANI family. 🙂

Deena Faheem (Participant #UAE120344), Sharjah Workshop March 22, 2019

Every minute spent at the workshop was of great benefit. Alhumdulillah. The way the information was conveyed, incorporating all the learning styles, made it engaging, fun to learn and memorable. I tried to make the most of it. I feel honored to be part of the AMANI Family. May Allah continue to put Barakah in the work that is being done. Ameen.

Zahra Batool (Participant #KH107350), Khobar Workshop March 25, 2018

The workshop exceeded my expectations! Thank you so much for a great learning experience. This workshop was enlightening, eyeopening and lot of fun too!

Juhi Khuddose Kudoor Valki (Participant #667950), Khobar Workshop March 23, 2017

Although I was connected to Amani as a student and took class for my third pregnancy under one of AMANI Teachers. And officially I decided myself to be part of the team by being one of Childbirth Educators. Indeed it was really a privilege to attend training under Aisha Al Hajjar and Brother Mohammed. The workshop was excellently organized and gave a whole insight of natural birth and requirements for Childbirth Educators and Doulas. The anatomy and physiology of natural birth with the model of a pelvis and a soft doll was very well explained. As a group of 5 we shared our experiences on birthing and what has encouraged us to take AMANI as our tool for empowerment in society for natural birthing. Further the balloon activity on how enfacement takes place was a fun way of learning. Birthing videos shared were very inspirational to watch and brought back confidence in primitive birthing ways.

Each and every day of workshop took us to new level of understanding and knowledge of KNOW HOW of natural birthing.

The resources provided along with the training is impressive and perfectly compiled. No doubt, Aisha is one of the excellent teachers and there is so much to learn from her.

I was also impressed to see Aisha and Brother Mohammad, how effectively they work as a couple with a strong sense of bonding and common areas of interest, which is rare to find. May Allah bless them both abundantly, who gives such a motivational picture to other couples and an example that birth can be beautiful with the presence of a participative spouse.

I really enjoyed each day of the workshop and make dua [prayer] that this family grow as much as we can and bring back the natural way of birthing back to mechanical world.

Minaaz Noori (Participant #957450), Sharjah Workshop November 10, 2016

It was one of the most high-paced, info-packed workshops that just leave you exhilarated with that feeling of purpose that is so essential to actually bring about a change!

Zainab Masood (Participant #RY163350), Riyadh Workshop April 5, 2019

Very informative, enriching and practical in changing the birth culture. It was a good additional investment for my husband and I for being good birth consumers while my intention was to seek more knowledge in serving the Ummah [community] beyond yoga. Insha'Allah, may Allah make it easy for all of us. I wished it was longer however I appreciate sis Aisha and her family for the time and effort in delivering the course within 3 days and the extra private hours given for those who couldn't join the big group on those exact 3 days!

Nura Ahmad (Participant #SI57950), Singapore Workshop August 27, 2016

I am happy to be able to get to know AMANI Birth and attend the workshops and training and to be part of the AMANI Birth family. The knowledge gained is so comprehensive, besides training to be able to become a childbirth educator and to get the knowledge of how to assist as a doula. Also how we as Muslims believe in the perfect design of Allah (SWT) of a woman's body. The curriculum taught at AMANI Birth is so complete and easy to understand.

Tia Irmayanty Amalianingsih (Participant #IN138350), Jakarta Workshop August 10, 2018

The AMANI training was engaging, insightful and meaningful.

Engaging, as I got up and moved, instead of dozing through the lectures. Good use of activities to engage someone restless like me.

Insightful, as I get to see the natural and instinctive part of birth and pregnancy. I am one of those who loves to know things but I was surprised that I learned even more things! Truly, learning never has a limit.

Meaningful, because it is personal for me. We are too institutionalized and influenced by others; we forget the natural side of things. What if one day we even forget our Creator when we have our heads too high in the clouds? (I am overthinking but it's a worry.)

The ummah needs more awareness on this. A good pregnancy, birth and pre-upbringing will insyaAllah lead to a better ummah [community]. Mothers can take pride in emulating the likes of righteous women in Islam while the men can follow the sunnah of RasulAllah (SAWS). 

Azri Zulfarhan (Participant #SI57750), Singapore Workshop August 27, 2016

I've never been able to talk about my passion for natural childbirth with most people in person without being looked at as

a) a weirdo


I've found online forums after the birth of my first child where I could talk to people who share this passion. But never in person, until this class. It felt like, "Is this real life?" Alhamdulillah!

The class was jam-packed with information and attending it with fellow sisters in the community was a truly amazing, bonding experience. I appreciated the visuals, videos, pictures, model baby and pelvis, as well as the interactive exercises.

Aideh Elasmar (Participant #U2071650), Dallas Workshop December 25, 2016

The workshop was thoroughly enjoyable. I learned more than I expected, and am so grateful for it. Thank you so much!

Michelle Abernathy (Participant #UOH155650), Dayton Workshop January 19, 2019
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