Realities of Becoming a Birth Consumer

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Realities of Becoming a Birth Consumer By Umm Layth The problem with learning about the many choices we have during labor and birth is actually finding care providers who will honor the ones we want to make. And when I say care providers, I don’t just mean doctors or midwives. I mean anyone and everyone who plays a part in the care we receive. For example, just this week I learned that my insurance company, which was chosen for me by the state I live in, doesn’t cover home births. I also learned that my particular state doesn’t allow free-standing [...]

Sharing the Miracle of Natural Birth

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By:  Aisha Al Hajjar, AMANI Birth Founder During my eighth pregnancy I was living in the Egypt where childbirth education was virtually unheard of, general anesthesia for second stage labor was still used for many cases, and elective cesareans was the trend. I felt compelled to bring quality childbirth education to the women of this region. However, I was expecting to find a lot of obstacles and I wasn’t sure if women would be interested in non-medicated, natural birth. I also knew it would be difficult to find supportive obstetricians. I prayed that my work would improve the births for [...]

Heartbreaking Treatment – How Mothers Feel Matter

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Another excerpt from a birth story recently received.   "My water broke...but no pains. I was relaxed as I could feel my babies movement...[and I wanted to] wait at home until active mother was way too worried and we left for the hospital...still no pains. The doctor checked me, which was pretty uncomfortable and painful, no dilation she said and send me to get ultrasound and it showed that the baby was 4 kg and my water wasn't enough for her so she send me to get admitted and said if I dont go into labour they will try [...]

لماذا نقوم بهذا العمل؟ ولماذا هو ضروري؟

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في الاسطر التالية مقاطع من رسالة احدى الامهات تتحدث عن ولادتها وهي كلمات تصف ولادة امرأة حامل في الثامنة عشرة من عمرها ادخلت للمستشفى وكان توسع الرحم 3 سم ... اصبت بالذعر عندما بلغ التوسع 5 سم ... ثارت الممرضة نتيجة بكائي ... كانت الولادة في مستشفى عام حيث لا يسمح لاي من الاقارب بمرافقة الحامل كما لا يسمح لها بالاحتفاظ بالجوال ... كنت خائفة ... سمعت الطبيبة تامر  بحقنة البيثيداين المخدرة ... بدأت بالانتقال بين الوعي وفقدان الوعي او النوم المتقطع ... دخل طبيب للولادة وشق غشاء ماء الرأس ... ازداد الالم سوء حيث كنت ممدة على ظهري وغير قادرة [...]

18 and Alone, Birth Should Never Be This Way

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Below are excerpts from a recent birth story we received. They are the words used to describe an 18-year old mother's birth. "...admitted in hospital at 3 cm...I was scared after 5 cm... the nurse got agitated with my was a maternity hospital government and they woudn't allow any relatives and no mobile phone...I was scared...I heard the doctor ask the nurse to inject Pethidine...I started being in and out of disturbed sleep...a male doctor came and broke my membrane...the pain was worsening and I was immobile with the belt on my tummy and I was flat on my [...]

من هي الدولا

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ترجمة مقال كتبته : عائشة الحجار يتزايد الطلب على خدمات الدولا اكثر واكثر حول العالم واصبجت معروفة بشكل افضل. والحقيقة اصبجت الدولا مطلوبة بشكل اعتيادي في العديد من الدول المتقدمة مثل امريكا وبريكانيا وايرلندا وكندا. كما انها معروفة في الشرق في سنغافورة وبروني واندونيسيا وماليزيا ونيوزيلاندا وغيرها. وحتى في الدول العربية يتواجد عدد كبير منهن في دول مثل الامارات العربية المتحدة والمملكة العربية السعودية والكويت والعراق وقطر وعمان والبحرين والاردن ومصر والحمدلله. ولكن يبدو ان اصول المهنة ومبادئها تبدو حديثة في بعض دول العالم الاسلامي مثل تركيا وفلسطين وباكستان والهند. ولذا نقدم هنا اضاءة على مهنة الدولا. اصبحت خدمات الدولا [...]

Baby number eight…Baba’s birth story!

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This time I was really excited about the upcoming birth of my baby. My Saudi husband had really taken the time to study about pregnancy and birth and was ready to support me in my long-time dream of having a home birth! We worked hard together during this pregnancy and became teachers of  natural childbirth classes. I witnessed a transformation in my husband and I can't even begin to explain just how much closer we have become! This story is special because it's from his perspective. Amani is an Arabic word which means “wishes.” It’s the name we chose for our [...]

Ten Interesting Facts About Newborns

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I remember people telling me, “Enjoy the newborn period; it passes so quickly.”  With our babies changing so rapidly, we often forget or miss these little-known facts of infancy:   There is a “soft spot” in their skull that does not become solid until around two years of age.  This allows their head to mold when passing through the birth canal, thus allowing them to be born.   They are able to hear in the womb and they can recognize their parent’s voices at birth.   The average length of the umbilical cord is about 50 cm. This is just [...]

What is a Doula?

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DOULA services for labor/birth and the postpartum period are becoming more and more popular and well known worldwide. In fact they are becoming common-place in many developed nations such as the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Singapore, Brunei, New Zealand, etc. Even in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Jordan, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Egypt there are growing numbers of doulas available, masha’Allah. However, the concept seems to be fairly new amongst the Muslim populations and in countries such as Turkey, Palestine, Pakistan and, India.  All of these countries are home to AMANI Birth Doulas, alhamdulelah. In fact, AMANI affiliates [...]

Appreciate the Last Days

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Photo Credit: Naja Helal THERE are many transitions in life. Some happen subtly and leave us wondering, “Where did the time go?” The month of Ramadan is a prime example. You may find yourself looking at the calendar in amazement when there are just a few days left. You may question, “Did I do enough during the blessed month? Did I work my hardest? Will I live to see the blessings and opportunities of the next Ramadan? Have I truly earned Allah’s mercy or have I carelessly let the month slip by virtually unnoticed?” But some transitions are [...]