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Masha'Allah over 1900 attendees in about 50 countries around the world tuned in to the first AMANI Birth Online Summit: Knowledge Is Power, Preparation Is Key!

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  • Book Review

Book Review: AMANI Birth


Dania Shahzad talks about her takeaways after reading the AMANI Birth book, authored by Aisha Al Hajjar: "The book was definitely very informative with a beautiful Islamic perspective on how to prepare to birth naturally. [...]

  • Decision Making + Knowledge + Preparation

Testimonial Tuesdays


This week, Shaima Ashraf shares her fond memories of embarking on the journey of training with AMANI Birth: What was the most profound thing you learned through your AMANI Birth training journey? The most [...]

  • Taking responsibility for birth

Testimonial Tuesdays


A thorough and captivating summary of the AMANI Birth book, penned down by Fathima Mazmi:  "Women need to take responsibility for what they brought upon them. It is their bodies and their babies. They have [...]