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AMANI Birth Trainee, Aqsa Zia, shares her beautiful reflections:  "AMANI is all about 'Assisting Mothers for Active, Natural, Instinctive Birth'. Birth is an individual experience which stays with the mother for the rest of her life; whether the experience may be a beautiful, natural one or a painful one. The book - AMANI Birth - is a comprehensive book for all women to read through in their path of educating themselves about their bodies, the changes that happen during pregnancy, what is labor all about and how to cope with it and importance about breast feeding. It is divided into [...]

Testimonial Tuesdays

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AMANI Birth Certified Childbirth Educator and Doula, Sagal Shirdon, shares her impressions after reading the AMANI Birth book, authored by Aisha Al Hajjar: "This book is a great gift for expectant mothers. It is a comprehensive book that covers everything an expecting mother and father need to know. This book covers topics such as the physiology of labor and birth, pregnancy nutrition and exercise, risks, complications, and the importance of a mother having a supportive team where a mother feels comfortable following her instincts. This book is great for parents as well as medical professionals, and doulas. It helps birth [...]

Testimonial Tuesdays


AMANI Birth Certified Childbirth Educator & Doula, Hussban Kheder, reflects upon her training journey and the importance of education for birthing mothers:  "AMANI Birth philosophy is all about mothers; from pregnancy to birth, ending to baby care and breastfeeding. What makes AMANI more special is the inclusion of Islamic teachings in its curriculum. This never existed in any childbirth education classes in the world, subhanAllah. Everything I learnt during the training journey was amazing and has since changed the outlook to my whole life. One of the most profound things I learnt is that every single woman should have the [...]

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AMANI Birth Trainee, Laura Daghes, shares her beautiful testimonial regarding the AMANI Birth book, authored by Aisha Al Hajjar: "This book is an extremely useful resource for expecting parents. It teaches parents that childbirth education is of upmost importance when preparing for the birth of their child. It teaches parents about the physiology of pregnancy, labour and birth. Learning about this physiology is extremely beneficial as it will empower women to work with their bodies in order to go through the natural and instinctual experience that is birth. It also preaches that birth can actually be an extremely joyful and [...]

Stories Of Inspiration & Empowerment: AMANI Birth Changing Lives Series

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Profile: Amna Saleem, AMANI Birth Certified Childbirth Educator and Birth Doula One of Amna's clients relays her birth experience with Amna as her Doula: "It was a journey that felt like it will never end. It had been 37 weeks and I was exhausted, tired, and felt no sign of it ending any time soon. My nights felt longer and days felt shorter. Sitting down was uncomfortable and lying down was even more tedious. I would keep turning sides each time to find a comfortable position till the sun came out in the morning. Nights felt like scenes of horror [...]

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AMANI Birth Certified Childbirth Educator and Doula, Deena Faheem, highlights the importance of preparing for labor and the unforgettable moments from her training: In your opinion, why is it important for a woman to prepare for her birth? If you don't prepare, your are in essence preparing for the worst. As the AMANI Book mentions, our Prophet Muhammad (SAW) advised us to "Tie our camel and then put our trust in Allah". By preparing for birth we are tying our camel. Just as we do not go in for an exam without preparing, hoping that Allah will make us pass [...]

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AMANI Birth certified Birth Doula, Johanna Elizabeth Andersson, shares her heartwarming impressions of her training experience:  "It's been an amazing ride. The AMANI community is amazing and I'm so proud to be part of the family. I'm eager to get out and help families embrace motherhood with confidence. Aisha you are lovely and I want to thank you for your support. I learned so much about myself and others. Through the AMANI workshop I learned about others' experiences and backgrounds. But I also had had a chance to evaluate my own motherhood journey, that was emotional but very much needed. [...]

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AMANI Birth Certified Childbirth Educator & Doula, Sohaib Ali, illuminates some very critical points with his reflections:  "Deviation from nature and natural ways, sooner or later, leads us to deviate from the right path. Every now and then, Allah places reformers in appropriate places to bring people back to fitrah. As birth culture in the West deviated from nature and took it to the hospitals, Allah placed reformers in their community to spread the warnings about deviating from the natural path. While most of the East is lagging about 150 years behind the West in terms of this 'industrialization' of [...]

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AMANI Birth Certified Childbirth Educator, Sadiya Taha, shares her impressions regarding her experience with the organization:  Jazakumullah khair AMANI Team! I am full of gratitude for the AMANI training; the workshop, the books, the online quizzes, exams, the practicum, in fact, everything! Although I have given birth vaginally to seven children, I never got to hear of natural birth until I came across AMANI. Truth be told, I attended the workshop and training as an ignorant mom of 7, but came out - hopefully - as an empowered woman Alhamdulillah. Even my kids learned something from my learning! MashaAllah. AMANI [...]

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AMANI Birth Certified Educator, Liyana Helmy, goes down the memory lane and affectionately remembers about her birth experience: March 17th is my twins’ 5th birthday and my VBA2C (Vaginal Birth After 2 Cesareans) anniversary, alhamdulillah. I still feel the same strong sense of empowerment and confidence and achievement as the day I gave birth to the twins. Five years have passed and I still feel like I'm flying in the clouds whenever I think about that day. Jazakillahu khayr Aisha Al Hajjar for creating such an empowering childbirth course which helped me tremendously during my preparation for my VBA2C journey. [...]

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