Letter to the Mom Who Didn’t Have a Natural Birth

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by Andrea Umm Abdullah Hey. I want you to look up for a bit. Look up from the floor. Look up from staring at your hands, wondering what/why/how. Look up from your stomach, the place that held your future. I want you to imagine a friend is sitting next to you. I hand you a piece of tissue, tell you to wipe your tears, and I look you in the eye and I say, "It's okay." It really is. It's okay that it didn't turn out the way you wanted. I know you did your best. You took classes, you [...]

Birth Stories: My First Experience Giving Birth

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This was my first experience giving birth. What I really felt at that time was curiosity about what might happen next. I was a little afraid, but I was totally ready for labor. I had known about gentle/natural birth since I was got pregnant and I had already begun to find out about gentle birth. My husband and I chose a midwife and clinic that supported gentle birth, near my house, as my care provider. December 8th, 7 am I saw some blood spots on my panties, but I hadn't felt any contractions yet. Shortly afterwards, we went to the [...]

During Pregnancy Protein is Key

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By Umm Layth When pregnant, it doesn’t take long to realize that our world no longer revolves around us. It’s the tiny being inside of us who calls the shots now, especially in terms of our nutrition. Foods we used to have passion for become abhorred, while those we never even thought of eating become regular cravings. On top of it all, our doctors, friends, and family are presenting us with whole lists of ingredients we can’t even go near, for the health of our baby of course. And while going through this experience may be unsettling at times, we [...]

Birth Stories: From Induction to Birthing My Way

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This mom shares her three quite different childbirth stories and how she labored on her own terms to achieve the birth she wanted.  Thank you for allowing us to share your birth story. My first birth was an induction at thirty-nine weeks due to the baby having intrauterine growth restriction.  My baby was measuring at about 5 lbs. 12 oz. for a week.  My doctor was concerned that if she stayed inside until my due date, she might lose weight.  It did not make complete sense to me, but I believed my doctor. I was administered Cytotec vaginally on a [...]

Testimonial Tuesdays

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This week Aymen Anjum, a young AMANI Birth certified Childbirth Educator from Pakistan, reflects on her training experience:  Alhamdullilah! The training has taught me a lot, and the whole AMANI journey has had a great impact on me. The time when I attended the workshop was the beginning of a roller coaster ride for me. As soon as I was done with the workshop, a few days later, I was in Pakistan. Away from half of my family, I didn't like the change in the beginning, but tremendous thanks to the teachings of AMANI Birth, that somehow it kept me [...]

AMANI Birth Affiliate Spotlight: Nour Zaza


AMANI Birth Affiliate Number: K68250 Training Location: Kuwait Date of Training: January 2017 AMANI Birth profile: https://amanibirth.com/Nour.Zaza/   Why did you choose to become an AMANI Doula/CBE? I chose to become an AMANI Birth doula and child birth educator because I wanted a training that provided evidence-based knowledge and the cultural aspect to support families in their pregnancy journeys. I also wanted to assist families in the understanding of how the mother body works in such a miraculous way, Subhanallah. How has AMANI affected your life? The fact that AMANI gave me this perception that I need to understand the [...]

Birth Stories: My VBAC Success Story

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This mama educated herself and achieved the birth she wanted! Thank you for allowing us to share your story. First of all, let me share with you why this birth is a big deal to me and my husband. Having gone through 2 births (one induced, intervened vaginal birth and one emergency c-sect), they were not as positive as one would want their birth to be. Thus, having this successful VBAC, I was encouraged to share my experience to tell all that it IS possible! For my first birth, I was very naïve, didn’t bother to read up on birthing [...]

Testimonial Tuesdays

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This week we are overjoyed to share a remarkable testimonial from mother, Fazla Firaz, upon the birth of her baby and how AMANI Birth supported her through the different stages: "Alhamdulillah, I have been blessed with a beautiful healthy baby girl! I gave birth a few minutes after arriving to the hospital. SubhanAllah. we found out that I was already 10 cm dilated. I had been sustaining the contractions mostly at home, until the last few minutes where I was totally unaware that I was in real labor; thinking all the while that the surges were simply Braxton Hicks. But [...]

AMANI Birth Affiliate Spotlight: Afnan AlSaleh

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AMANI Birth Affiliate Number: K550144 Training Location: Kuwait Date of Training: January 2017 AMANI Birth profile: https://amanibirth.com/Afnan.alsaleh/   Why did you choose to become an AMANI Doula/CBE? We didn’t have enough childbirth educators in the community. How has AMANI affected your life? AMANI Birth has affected me as a mother.  My birthing experiences are so powerful and controlled by me. As an educator, I’m blessed with all the duas; grateful, happy, and content families and the whole vibe of female empowerment. How does your work as an AMANI Doula/CBE fulfill you? I love how a few hours of education can [...]

Testimonial Tuesdays

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AMANI Birth certified Childbirth Educator from Indonesia, Hernita Ajeng, shares her reflections of the training experience with the organization: "I feel I’m so lucky to have the honor to join the training because this is my first Doula or CBE training ever. I’m glad that I chose it wisely, and found numerous interesting things about pregnancy and labor, especially in a natural way. AMANI Birth has taught me that every birth has a right to be fought for. Every child born is entitled to be born with the best possible preparation. Also, every parent is obliged to empower themselves well [...]

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