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في الحمل وعند الولادة تذكري حقوقك التي كفلتها وزارة الصحة

https://www.moh.gov.sa/HealthAwareness/Rights/Pages/22.aspx Women and Birth (By Saudi Ministry of Health--Translated by AMANI Affiliates) Useful to print and attach to your birth plan. Your rights: Women and Childbirth 💠‌To know the state of pregnancy, age of the foetus, and expected delivery date. 💠‌Consent and Signature or otherwise for any operation (Caesarean or other) and the signature of a guardian is not necessary. 💠‌That episiotomy does not take place except when necessary and after obtaining verbal consent and being shown information of the available options. 💠‌To know the expected mode of delivery (Caesarean, natural, or assisted) 💠‌To have a companion from her family [...]

لماذا نقوم بهذا العمل؟ ولماذا هو ضروري؟

في الاسطر التالية مقاطع من رسالة احدى الامهات تتحدث عن ولادتها وهي كلمات تصف ولادة امرأة حامل في الثامنة عشرة من عمرها ادخلت للمستشفى وكان توسع الرحم 3 سم ... اصبت بالذعر عندما بلغ التوسع 5 سم ... ثارت الممرضة نتيجة بكائي ... كانت الولادة في مستشفى عام حيث لا يسمح لاي من الاقارب بمرافقة الحامل كما لا يسمح لها بالاحتفاظ بالجوال ... كنت خائفة ... سمعت الطبيبة تامر  بحقنة البيثيداين المخدرة ... بدأت بالانتقال بين الوعي وفقدان الوعي او النوم المتقطع ... دخل طبيب للولادة وشق غشاء ماء الرأس ... ازداد الالم سوء حيث كنت ممدة على ظهري وغير قادرة [...]

Baby number eight…Baba’s birth story!

This time I was really excited about the upcoming birth of my baby. My Saudi husband had really taken the time to study about pregnancy and birth and was ready to support me in my long-time dream of having a home birth! We worked hard together during this pregnancy and became teachers of  natural childbirth classes. I witnessed a transformation in my husband and I can't even begin to explain just how much closer we have become! This story is special because it's from his perspective. Amani is an Arabic word which means “wishes.” It’s the name we chose for our [...]