Heartbreaking Treatment – How Mothers Feel Matter

Another excerpt from a birth story recently received.   "My water broke...but no pains. I was relaxed as I could feel my babies movement...[and I wanted to] wait at home until active labour...starts...my mother was way too worried and we left for the hospital...still no pains. The doctor checked me, which was pretty uncomfortable and painful, no dilation she said and send me to get ultrasound and it showed that the baby was 4 kg and my water wasn't enough for her so she send me to get admitted and said if I dont go into labour they will try [...]

18 and Alone, Birth Should Never Be This Way

Below are excerpts from a recent birth story we received. They are the words used to describe an 18-year old mother's birth. "...admitted in hospital at 3 cm...I was scared after 5 cm... the nurse got agitated with my crying...it was a maternity hospital government and they woudn't allow any relatives and no mobile phone...I was scared...I heard the doctor ask the nurse to inject Pethidine...I started being in and out of disturbed sleep...a male doctor came and broke my membrane...the pain was worsening and I was immobile with the belt on my tummy and I was flat on my [...]

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