AMANI Birth Certified Childbirth Educator, Sadiya Taha, shares her impressions regarding her experience with the organization: 

Jazakumullah khair AMANI Team!

I am full of gratitude for the AMANI training; the workshop, the books, the online quizzes, exams, the practicum, in fact, everything!

Although I have given birth vaginally to seven children, I never got to hear of natural birth until I came across AMANI.

Truth be told, I attended the workshop and training as an ignorant mom of 7, but came out - hopefully - as an empowered woman Alhamdulillah. Even my kids learned something from my learning! MashaAllah.

AMANI and the founder, Aisha Al Hajjar, and her family will always be in my Duas.

May Allah bring more and more success to them with Khair and Aafiyath, and help us serve the Ummah as a loving family.


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