AMANI Birth Certified Childbirth Educator and Doula, Deena Faheem, highlights the importance of preparing for labor and the unforgettable moments from her training:

In your opinion, why is it important for a woman to prepare for her birth?

If you don't prepare, your are in essence preparing for the worst.

As the AMANI Book mentions, our Prophet Muhammad (SAW) advised us to "Tie our camel and then put our trust in Allah".

By preparing for birth we are tying our camel.

Just as we do not go in for an exam without preparing, hoping that Allah will make us pass with flying colours just by Dua, similarly we shouldn't go for our birth not knowing about birth. Birth MUST be prepared for.

How do you feel that your AMANI Birth training has prepared you to teach and or serve as a doula?

Having done a few other teacher/doula training courses, I would always prefer AMANI Birth over others. It is so complete. This is the only program I know of that emphasizes so much on the importance of nutrition. After the training, I felt so much more confident in being able to teach and guide parents and to empower them. I'm also more aware about how each intervention impacts the mum and baby and causes difficulties. The most simple one, giving IV during labor, causes engorgement, swelling of the tissues etc, something I wouldn't have even thought about and this was covered by Aisha in the class. I was dumbstruck. These things can reflect upon the way I teach or support as a Doula because I will be able to better prepare the mother for her labor.

The 21-hour live workshop was an overwhelm of eye-opening information. It was like an "AHA" moment at every single moment!

All in all, the most amazing and eye-opening experience ever. I feel so empowered that I want to go out there and change the birth culture, beginning with my home country.