A fabulously honest and fascinating testimonial for AMANI Birth Book expressed exclusively by AMANI Birth trainee Zahra Siddiqui:

"The AMANI Birth Book is truly a treasure; a must read for every Muslim woman, expecting or not. It is an awakening towards our instincts, our bodies, and most importantly, an invitation to trust our Creator. The book is a brutal reminder that the "norm" does not always have to be the truth. This read was more of an unlearning than a learning, because the social "rights" and blind belief in the medical system has taken us farther and farther away from the thousands of years of biology wired into our bodies that we have simply forgotten to trust. Part by part, with references from The Quran and Hadith, The AMANI Birth Book unravels the knowledge that surrounds birth in such a way that there is no going back from it - one can only dive deeper to discover the miracle that our Creator has made our bodies. Through science, myths, stories and statistics, the Book is a calling to women to know their rights, birth in their power and most importantly, trust their bodies and the amazing wisdom it holds, SubhanAllah."