This week Aymen Anjum, a young AMANI Birth certified Childbirth Educator from Pakistan, reflects on her training experience: 

Alhamdullilah! The training has taught me a lot, and the whole AMANI journey has had a great impact on me. The time when I attended the workshop was the beginning of a roller coaster ride for me. As soon as I was done with the workshop, a few days later, I was in Pakistan. Away from half of my family, I didn't like the change in the beginning, but tremendous thanks to the teachings of AMANI Birth, that somehow it kept me sane and was a source of constant reminder for me in those uncertain times. Interestingly, my testimonial is not even slightly related to birth or kids, but my experience with the AMANI Teacher/Doula training empowered me as an individual, and boosted confidence in me to deal with just life during those moments. I'm so grateful that I get to be a part of this huge cause, and if I -- who is not married and have no plans yet -- can benefit from a course and workshop like this, I can only marvel what it does for the amazing mothers out there!