AMANI Birth Trainee, Aqsa Zia, shares her beautiful reflections: 

"AMANI is all about 'Assisting Mothers for Active, Natural, Instinctive Birth'. Birth is an individual experience which stays with the mother for the rest of her life; whether the experience may be a beautiful, natural one or a painful one. The book - AMANI Birth - is a comprehensive book for all women to read through in their path of educating themselves about their bodies, the changes that happen during pregnancy, what is labor all about and how to cope with it and importance about breast feeding.

It is divided into 5 modules and each modules touches upon specific important topics about child birth. Knowing the natural way is very important in order to differentiate it from normal and also the abnormal-complications.

We also come to know about how medical interference at the right time can be of great benefit, whereas on the other hand unnecessary interventions can make the birth experience a nasty one. The irony is that most of the times we ourselves authorize and consent people to manipulate us, without knowing the outcome.

The birthing journey moves from being well nourished, hydrated, actively exercising to being instinctive, educated, relaxed and composed, firm at the same time. We also learn the role of a husband as a support person and how he can help his wife through the birthing journey. This concludes that it is not only the mother who needs to be well educated and informed, but also her spouse in order to be on the same page as her during labor, which is a vulnerable state. AMANI brings together couples, making the bond stronger."