AMANI Birth Certified Childbirth Educator and Doula, Javeria Sohail, throws light on some important points that are relevant to every pregnant mother: 

In your opinion, why is it important for a woman to prepare for her birth?

Parenting starts with pregnancy which is a blessing as well as a heavy responsibility on the parents for preparation and making decisions that will affect the birth of their child. Their tiny baby is counting on them to provide him the safest, gentlest and blessed start. Pregnancy is the best time to start exploring choices in birth so that they can make informed decisions.

Also, in today's climate of hospital births, the mother finds herself facing a series of instructions and interference of medical personnel. The sense of urgency paves way for a rush of adrenaline that impedes birth. For these reasons the parent must be educated to be able to pick and chose what works best for them and the baby. The mother must learn how to work WITH her body and TUNE OUT distractions and TUNE INTO her body and how to trust Allah's perfect design for birth. Preparing ahead of time will give her confidence, take away her fear and knowing what to expect will make a huge difference in easing her way to motherhood in sha Allah.

What does good birth consumerism mean to you?

The birth attendants and birth place have a big influence & power over the mother's experience and outcomes. Therefore it is very much important to choose birth team and place wisely. Being a good birth consumer means to shop around for the care provider who respects your wishes and pays attention to them. This can be done by interviewing the provider during prenatal visits and paying attention to your gut feelings when interacting with them and if you do not feel comfortable its never too late to change the care provider. Some times it takes visits to several birth attendants before you are able to find one that you feel confident will support your birthing preferences.

List a few things a woman can do to lower her risks of having a Cesarean delivery:

1. Maintaining upright position and keeping off her back.

2. Avoiding unnecessary induction (failed induction can make way for a Cesarean delivery).

3. Avoiding unnecessary IV that can make her immobile.

4. Avoiding continuous electronic Fetal Monitoring.

5. Remaining active through out pregnancy, doing the recommended pregnancy exercises that can help bring the baby in optimal position for vaginal birth.

6. Maintaining a healthy diet with recommended amount of proteins in it to avoid toxemia, which can result in a very premature cesarean birth.

Explain two ways that birth can be considered a worship of Allah (swt):

1. By trusting Allah's perfect design of the women's body for being capable of carrying, birthing and feeding her babies and making full advantage of the Allah's built in safety nets.

2. Seeking Allah for help and remembering HIM during the most vulnerable time of a woman's life by calling HIM out and doing lots of dhiker.