AMANI Birth Certified Labor & Birth Doula, Irsa Hasanbegovic, shares her thoughts about the AMANI Birth book:

"Anything one needs to know about natural, physiological way of body functioning in labor and birth is in this book.

Those who aspire to gain knowledge and confidence necessary to have fulfilling and empowering birth experience don't have to look further. This book is a great choice. This is not a book that glorifies natural birth under all circumstances but rather it is balancing between true advantages of natural approach and sometimes necessary medical interventions. It gives necessary tools to determine when is safer to take natural route and when is true emergency and need for medical interventions. It teaches us that birth is not without risk no matter in which circumstances it is taking place but without a doubt proves that following natural way and listening to instincts is the most safe way by far.

This book has a holistic and detailed explanation of all main bodily processes that are taking place during pregnancy, labor and birth. Its in-depth, simple language and Islamic perspective on labor and birth is separating it from other natural birth books out there. A great deal of information about breastfeeding and father's role is explained in the book.

The author is a woman who is very passionate about natural childbirth and her passion is radiating through the book. Genuine concern for women's well being is easily felt in the book.

It contains many resources that enable the reader to expand his knowledge even beyond this book and truly dwell into the world of natural birth.

This book is a good read for beginners in birthing world but also for enthusiasts and experienced birth activists and workers. I will recommend it, believing that anyone who reads it will benefit regardless of the type of birth they expect."