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Sumreen is a student midwife and a lover of everything books and herbs and female reproductive health. Mother to six children, she finds joy in mothering (and unschooling) her brood, as well as staying current with research in women's health sciences. If you want to talk vaginas and ovaries, be her guest! Shoot an email to sumreen@amanibirth.com and she will be happy to lend you her ear and advice.

Testimonial Tuesdays

AMANI Birth certified Childbirth Educator from Indonesia, Hernita Ajeng, shares her reflections of the training experience with the organization: "I feel I’m so lucky to have the honor to join the training because this is my first Doula or CBE training ever. I’m glad that I chose it wisely, and found numerous interesting things about pregnancy and labor, especially in a natural way. AMANI Birth has taught me that every birth has a right to be fought for. Every child born is entitled to be born with the best possible preparation. Also, every parent is obliged to empower themselves well [...]

Testimonial Tuesdays

A fabulously honest and fascinating testimonial for AMANI Birth Book expressed exclusively by AMANI Birth trainee Zahra Siddiqui: "The AMANI Birth Book is truly a treasure; a must read for every Muslim woman, expecting or not. It is an awakening towards our instincts, our bodies, and most importantly, an invitation to trust our Creator. The book is a brutal reminder that the "norm" does not always have to be the truth. This read was more of an unlearning than a learning, because the social "rights" and blind belief in the medical system has taken us farther and farther away from the [...]

Postpartum Synchronicity Part 2/2

What is happening for the Baby: Baby is maximally dependent- Newborns are essentially in what is known as the “4th trimester."  The belief is that a newborn is born before it is truly ready to function on its own in the outside world.  Babies should go from growing on the inside of mother to growing on the outside of mother, to finish developing and to ease this transition to the outside world.  Imagine the infant’s experience in utero: it was dark and warm, he could hear mother’s rhythmic heartbeat, her almost constant movement rocked him, and baby was continuously fed [...]

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Postpartum Synchronicity Part 1/2

Knowledge of what a baby needs in its first few months of life, and proper management of expectations on the part of the mother and her support team, are essential in meeting the needs of the newborn while also alleviating the stress of the mother. Would you prefer to start motherhood by sabotaging yourself, being exhausted, slowing your own healing and not meeting the baby’s needs?  Or, would you rather set yourself and your baby up for success and look back on this time with joy?  Postpartum has never been an easy period for new mothers.  But, in today’s society [...]

Testimonial Tuesdays

A beautiful testimonial from a mother in Saudi Arabia: "Asalaamu alaykum Hi Aisha, I wanted to tell you that I ended up coming back to Riyadh for the birth of my third baby, after feeling very frustrated about hospital/doctors (policies and procedures) in Ha’il. But anyways, this morning I delivered a baby girl in the car outside the hospital ER doors. I guided myself and my husband helped me catch her. Alhamdulillah. It definitely wasn’t my plan, but I feel very proud of myself and also my husband. AMANI Birth is a blessing and I’m so glad that we’ve been [...]

Testimonial Tuesdays

A testimonial from the recent AMANI Birth CBE/Doula online workshop from Hebaa Rizeq: It was an amazing and unforgettable experience. The training was eye opening and very informative, and also very fun! I love learning with sister Aisha and all the other students I was able to connect with, from all over the world. Such an amazing program to be a part of!  

Stories Of Inspiration & Empowerment: AMANI Birth Changing Lives Series

Profile: Shaima Ashraf, AMANI Birth Doula & CBE in-training, Calicut, Kerala, India. "Dream births do come true!" Disclaimer: I hereby declare, as an AMANI Birth Doula in training that I do not support/encourage/suggest/advice on performing unassisted home/car births. This was purely unintentional/accidental. An intro before we jump into the birth story. The "mommy" in the story and I are cousins and best friends since childhood. I happened to know about AMANI Birth and "Doulas" through her and SubhaanAllah look how amazingly Allah let her reap the fruits of the seeds that she sowed in me. FYI: During her last consultation with her doctor, she had only one request, to have a birth without an episiotomy as she had [...]

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Testimonial Tuesdays

A mother all the way from Hyderabad shares her heartwarming experience with AMANI Birth: I am from Hyderabad, India. I took my AMANI Birth parents' workshop for my 5th child with doula and VBAC coach, Zehra Batool. MashaAllah, she was very informative, understanding and afterwards I even hired her as my virtual doula. Eight months back I was able to have my natural birth in a hospital, without any medications. After taking the workshop my husband and I felt very empowered and educated about the birthing process; something which we were longing for since our first child. We used to [...]

Implications of Environmental Stressors on Birth Physiology

Pregnant women across the globe practice in their own way of preparing for their births. with their hearts set on the best outcome for their babies. Such is the pure, dedicated heart of a mother that she easily forgets about her own needs, and often fails to appreciate the fact that taking care of her needs, in reality, helps to create the positive and safe birth that she rightfully desires. Although two separate individuals, a mother and baby are linked as one (also referred to as mother-baby dyad), therefore any stressful event affecting the laboring mother directly influences the baby [...]

Doulas and Midwives in the Current Birthing Landscape

There is a massive movement in the current birth culture that is sweeping across the gulf and the south Asian countries, and is giving birth to the need, the recognition and the licensing of professional and autonomous midwifery. The changes are happening swiftly all over and with this there is a rising need for childbirth education. With the updated international guidelines concerning various birth related outcomes, the medical birth professionals are now ready to explore the non-medical perspective and its impact in the birthing world. They are ready to embrace the existence of the role of childbirth educators and the [...]

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