A thorough and captivating summary of the AMANI Birth book, penned down by Fathima Mazmi: 

"Women need to take responsibility for what they brought upon them. It is their bodies and their babies. They have every right to pick and choose their doctors, birth environment, labor companions, and how they labor and birth. And most of all, their babies are amanat that Allah has blessed them with. Their birth does greatly affect the psychology of their babies' little minds. Which is why the AMANI Birth book, authored by Aisha al Hajjar, opens our eyes to aspects of pregnancy and labor that hadn't crossed our minds before. The historical origination of some of the practices in today's medical world not only amazes me but makes me wonder are we really advancing as we say? AMANI Birth book pinpoints at pregnancy nutrition and exercise and that I feel, though many of us think of those things, we don't really educate ourselves on them. Many of us do plan on having a vaginal delivery and are really firm on it, but the problem is many of us are unaware of different interventions that happen in the hospitals, which put us on a fast-moving train to a c-section. And that once you're in it, there's no turning back (speaking from experience). Breastfeeding is another aspect that the AMANI Birth book stresses upon, and the many benefits from breastfeeding are unbelievably mind blowing. Allahu Akbar! Many practices done today involve the doctors telling the mothers that without such and such practice, they would be at "risk"! The AMANI Birth book points out that birth itself is a risk, and that everything in this world is a risk. We as responsible mothers, need to weigh the risks and benefits of everything we do before making our decisions. The book not only addresses mothers, but husbands as well, which in my opinion are one of the most crucial sources of support. Doulas too, can be immense support partners during labor and birth, and the best of all, is when husbands are the doulas! All in all, the book encourages us to ponder and think about our make and rethink the decisions we make. The common thing most women do is place their complete trust in the doctors, and don't do any research or educate themselves. The AMANI Birth book not only discourages that, but also over and over again pushes us to trust Allah and His perfect design. I believe, Muslims and non- Muslims will benefit from this book, inshaAllah, as it opens doors to pregnancy and birth that many of us didn't even think existed."