This week, Shaima Ashraf shares her fond memories of embarking on the journey of training with AMANI Birth:

What was the most profound thing you learned through your AMANI Birth training journey?

The most profound thing I learnt from this journey is that the natural physiological process that God has created for each woman is what is best for her and the baby and that what we see in today's medicalized world is not necessarily completely reliable and true all the time.

It has taught me how to educate myself in the birthing field and to find the right resources for knowledge. It has also helped me understand the purpose and need for a doula and how much of a support I can be to a laboring mother. And at last the training has given me the confidence to be a source of support and information for pregnant mothers and couples and to advocate for them when they're in need.

In your opinion, why is it important for a woman to prepare for her birth?

In today's world, childbirth is a medical procedure in which babies are delivered. Even if it isn't necessarily a procedure, society has come to believe that birth is safest in the hands of a doctor or in a hospital.

So in my opinion if a woman should feel happy and empowered after her birth, she should be the one making decisions in her birth. If she has no control over what is happening to her she will only end up traumatized and broken after the birth of her child.

She should prepare herself emotionally, mentally, physically and educate herself about her options and choices to have the best birth outcome. The more prepared she is, the better she will be in anticipating what is to come and how to handle it in the best possible way.

AMANI Birth has truly opened my eyes to the reality of the natural process of birth. 

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