Dania Shahzad talks about her takeaways after reading the AMANI Birth book, authored by Aisha Al Hajjar:

"The book was definitely very informative with a beautiful Islamic perspective on how to prepare to birth naturally. I never thought how birth and our Islamic teachings could combine so well to give a strong message about trusting the design of Allah to birth naturally. I would definitely recommend it to expecting mothers because it is very comprehensive and the approach is holistic.

The most profound thing I learned and that stuck with me is how important it is to go through good birth consumerism. For me, having the right provider, or setting in which a woman plans to birth, really plays a big role in how empowered the expecting mother could feel. The right provider, supporter, and or coach could be that person who can either give or take all the empowerment from the female's body and mind. The way the book approached this concept was strong in the sense that it provided what may happen if we women do not do our part in choosing the right provider. And what can happen if we do. It's all about the right set up in which a birthing woman can feel strong, instinctual and trusted to trust Allah and His design of our bodies."

The AMANI Birth book emphasized that women keep control of their births, and not be the ones who just 'hand over' their bodies.