AMANI Birth Certified Childbirth Educator & Doula, Hussban Kheder, reflects upon her training journey and the importance of education for birthing mothers: 

"AMANI Birth philosophy is all about mothers; from pregnancy to birth, ending to baby care and breastfeeding.

What makes AMANI more special is the inclusion of Islamic teachings in its curriculum. This never existed in any childbirth education classes in the world, subhanAllah.

Everything I learnt during the training journey was amazing and has since changed the outlook to my whole life.

One of the most profound things I learnt is that every single woman should have the right to advocate for her birth, the way that she wants her birth to be, even if it's a surgical birth, she still has the right to have her own birthing experiences.

Therefore, it is vital for the pregnant mother to be educated about her self, her body, and to plan ahead for her birth, in order to make informed decisions and not to be vulnerable to medicine and unnecessary interventions that may take away her right to birth physiologically. To have a blessed start in life for her self and her baby!"