AMANI Birth Trainee, Laura Daghes, shares her beautiful testimonial regarding the AMANI Birth book, authored by Aisha Al Hajjar:

"This book is an extremely useful resource for expecting parents. It teaches parents that childbirth education is of upmost importance when preparing for the birth of their child. It teaches parents about the physiology of pregnancy, labour and birth. Learning about this physiology is extremely beneficial as it will empower women to work with their bodies in order to go through the natural and instinctual experience that is birth. It also preaches that birth can actually be an extremely joyful and beautiful experience - it doesn't have to be traumatic or scary.

This book is also extremely great as it provides an enormous amount of information about nutrition and exercise in pregnancy. This is beneficial as it can help mothers prepare to have a natural birth by having a good, healthy and balanced diet. It teaches mothers about the different types of nutrients and vitamins that she should be eating/supplementing.

Another good thing about this book is that it teaches parents that birth consumerism is extremely important. What this means is that parents should 'shop' around for a care provider, whether it be a doctor, midwife or nurse carefully, and should ensure that their care provider is supportive of their birth plan.

The book also talks about the dangers of medical interventions, but that interventions can also be life-saving in emergencies when they are NEEDED.

In conclusion, the AMANI Birth Book is an extremely well-written book with a lot of information about the Islamic perspective on pregnancy, birth and labour."

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